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10 Best Korea Tours:

The TOP 10 tours to join in South Korea


1. Fly in the Sky – Paragliding in Danyang

Perched by the lake, surrounded by three national parks and with caves and temples scattered all over, Danyang is considered North Chungcheong’s top attraction. The modern town of Danyang dates only from 1986 and is located in between beautifully sculptured landscapes and rivers. This view is best enjoyed from above! Danyang is Korea’s number 1 Paragliding location and one of the TOP 10 PARAGLIDING SPOTS IN THE WORLD (Click here for more information) for a good reason. Experiences instructors and scenic views make this adventure unforgettable.

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: Experience complete freedom in the sky!

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Join this tour: Danyang Paragliding Tour


2. Absolute Action – 1 Day of Water Sports

Summer season is the perfect time for fun vacations and exciting outdoor events with family and friends. And with temperatures rising more and more, what could be more refreshing than a water sports packed trip? For that, we chose for you the most popular location for water sports among locals: the Cheongpyeong Lake in Gapyeong. Countless water sport activities, boats, trampolines etc create a floating island where you can enjoy your day. Unlimited Blop Jump included! In fact, the place is a popular spot for Running Man to be recorded! So check out some of the best water sports in Gapyeong, that will help you forget the scorching heat and let you have the most exciting summer day ever!

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: A fun and exciting day for hot summer!

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Join this tour: Water Sport Tour


3. Country of Contradictions – Old and New Seoul

No country is as rich in contrasts between modernity and tradition as Korea! As the country has developed in an enormous speed,  the ancient buildings are still in great condition and seem to contradict the newly-build ones: On one side, Korea is highly advanced in technology with skyscrapers ranking over 500m in the air. On the other side, ancient temples and palaces where former Kings and Queens reigned the country. Get an all-round view on the different faces of Seoul, take panoramic photos on the highest points of the city and try delicious Korean food!

Seoul City Tour

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: Old VS. New Seoul

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Join this tour: Old and new Seoul city tour


4. Healing Hike

And if you’re a fan of hiking, Bukhansan is the perfect place for it. The national park around Seoul is famous for it’s great hiking trails. Especially in spring and autumn, you will see a variety of beautiful flowers and trees, which you cannot find anywhere in busy Seoul. Ancient temples and other secrets are hidden on the way! After reaching the top, you will be rewarded with beautiful, breathtaking views on a range of mountains and a unique view on the total city of Seoul. Complete the day with a relaxing treatment at Dragon Hill Spa, where you can enjoy the afternoon in the sauna, spa, massage and pool.

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: Bukhansan is the perfect hiking spot and guarantees stunning views

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Join this tour: Bukhansan Mountain Hiking & Korean Sauna Tour


5. Seoul’s Secrets

As visitor numbers to Seoul are skyrocketing, famous places get busier and even more crowded. You will probably meet more foreigners than Koreans in some districts. If you want to avoid the crowds and discover a new perspective of Seoul, you can join he “Secret City Walk”, guided by a local expert guide. Strolls through scenic nature to let you experience Seoul’s historical past until the vibrant present. Seoul’s hidden treasures are waiting for you to be discovered.

Jangchungdan Park

Fortress Wall Walking

Join this tour: Seoul Secret City Walk Tour


6. Neighbor from the North – The closest you will get to North Korea

The DMZ might be the most fascinating part of Korea – a “neutral” zone between North and South Korea which was formed after the Korean war. This area is guarded by North and South Korean soldiers alike. Special precaution is needed as you can visit this restricted area only during a guided tour. You can glimpse on North Korea, learn more about the relation of the two formerly unified countries and visit the 3rd underground tunnel that North Korea had dug for a surprise attack on South Korea.

Join this tour: Half day DMZ Tour


7. Learning from locals

Immerse yourself in REAL Korean culture by visiting a local Korean’s home, cook delicious Korean food with them and wear Hanbok! We then explore a real Korean supermarket where locals buy their food and necessities, which might be surprising for you! We complete the day by visiting the stunning Olympic Park Garden and Han River to take the best pictures.

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: the most authentic experience in a local’s home!



8. Fantastic Food

This is the perfect trip for foodies. Enjoy an evening in Seoul with famous and authentic Korean food.  After sunset, you will discover Seoul’s exciting food hot spots as well as hidden alleys of Korean cuisine with a local expert. 4 different places inclusive dessert and drinks (!) are waiting for you and guarantee that you will leave with a filled stomach. While learning about Korea and its food and drinking culture, get closer to your fellow group members, make new friends and have a great evening!

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: Sizzling Korean BBQ, drinks, and much more!

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Join this tour: Best Seoul food tour


9. Peocheon – the peaceful paradise

The rugged town of Pocheon is a less than two hour’s drive from Seoul, but it feels like a world away. Nowhere to be found is the concrete jungle; in its place are deep forests, refreshingly cool rivers, emerald lakes and endless hills. Add in some hearty local cuisine, including the beloved Korean rice wine makgeolli, and you’ve got everything you need for the perfect weekend escape. A great and relaxing city escape.

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Join this tour: Stay away the bustle city – Pocheon Tour


10. Number-One Nightview

Seoul is fascinating at day, but night time is when the city really gets alive. Scenic views on the funky metropolis which is glimmering in neon lights or calm, panoramic views on the mighty Han River. You can visit the most popular spots and discover their charm at night. Ever visited Namsan Tower at night and had a 360 degrees view on illuminated Seoul? Let me tell you, it is a whole different experience. Free photo shoot included!

10 Best Korea Tours
10 Best Korea Tours: Discover Seoul from a different side!

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Join this tour: Best Seoul Night View Tour


Wherever you decide to go in Korea, we are sure that you will enjoy it and make plenty of unforgettable experiences! Have a nice trip! 🙂

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