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10 Best Things to Do in Korea in Summer

1. A Whole Day of Water Sports

The first thing you think when the hotness of summer strike you: to cool down and have fun in the water! If you do not have time to go to the beach, water parks and water sports can be a remedy. Check out the most popular water sport locations among locals: the Cheongpyeong Lake in Gapyeong. Countless, boats, trampolines etc create a floating island where you can enjoy your day. Unlimited Blop Jump included! In fact, the place is a popular spot for Running Man to be recorded! So check out some of the best water sports in Gapyeong, that will help you forget the scorching heat 😉

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Korea Water Sport


2. Paragliding in Danyang

Perched by the lake, surrounded by three national parks and with caves and temples scattered all over, Danyang is considered North Chungcheong’s top attraction. The modern town of Danyang dates only from 1986 and is located in between beautifully sculptured landscapes and rivers. This view is best enjoyed from above! Danyang is Korea’s number 1 Paragliding location and one of the TOP 10 PARAGLIDING SPOTS IN THE WORLD (Click here for more information) for a good reason. Experiences instructors and scenic views make this adventure unforgettable.

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3. Relax at beautiful beaches

What is better than having the feet in warm sand and hearing the relaxing sound of waves? Korea is a peninsula, which means that you can easily find beaches almost everywhere you go! We will introduce you to the best:

Obviously, stunning Jeju Island is Korea’s most beautiful side. You will find gorgeous beaches anywhere you go! If you don’t have time to take a flight to there, Busan (Haeundae Beach) is a great alternative! If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend Jang-ho beach in Sokcho area, which is often referred to as “Naples of Korea”. Eating ice cream; sunbathing; playing in the sea… Don’t you want to go to the beach now?

Jeju Island: Click here

Busan: Click here

Jang-ho Beach: Click here


4. ATV Adventures

This is the most exciting a summer day can get. If you are not into water outdoor activities, how about riding an ATV through Korea’s outlands? An ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), also known as a four-wheeler, is designed for off-road use. You can rush through deep forest, sand, even water. It is easy to drive so just one minute is enough to learn how to operate the vehicle. You can enjoy fully driving in the fields and woods overlooking the lake while enjoying the fresh breeze. There are various driving courses depending on your skills. (There is a suitable one for children as well). This is a fun outdoor activity suitable for everyone:)

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Sensational ATV

5. Eat Korea’s Summer Food

Summer in Korea is awesome but can be terribly, terribly hot and humid. On the other side, this is a great opportunity to try Korea’s unique summer food! For a complete menu, start off with Naengmyeon (cold noodles which are sometimes even served in an icy broth. Sounds weird but is really tasty!) and then head over to a dessert café to eat Patbingsu (shaved ice flakes that come with various toppings such as sweet red beans). On the way back to your hotel, grab an Ice Green Tea Latte from a street pop-up coffee shop and your body and mind will magically have cooled down by delicious and unique food!

Click here to find out where to get the best Bingsu in Seoul

The Best Bingsu in Seoul

6. Canoeing in Peace

Canoeing is a great and relaxing activity during a hot day! Grab your friends and leave Seoul to enjoy a canoe trip on one of the most beautiful rivers in Korea. The capital of Gangwon province is famous for its’ stunning nature with countless lakes and islands as well as exciting outdoor activities. Runningman, We Got Married and popular dramas (Winter Sonata) were filmed here. The Chuncheon Mulle-gil is a beautiful, picturesque river in the middle of scenic nature.  To enjoy the beautiful summer weather to the fullest, you can make a fun canoe tour through the majestic landscapes.

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7. Get Dirty at the Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong is famous for its natural mud and the small city recently recently re-invented itself with regularly holding the Boryeong Mud Festival. The mud festival is held once a year and even attracts famous K-Pop stars such as G Dragon. Mud games, mud obstacle marathon, mud baths and massages, mud slide and also concerts! Hordes of people engage in slippery mud-wrestling and ride sloppy mud slides together. With many activities, the mud festival attracts many young people who come and have fun!

Did you know? Boryeong’s mud is great for the skin! Their natural mud facial masks are among the bestsellers in Korea. Therefore, it is kind of a spa session and fun outdoor games in one go!

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8. Summer Sale Shopping

Summer in Korea for many people means: The big summer sale! It’s the perfect season for shopping in Korea as many big brands hold several week long sales events. There is a big sale festival organized by the Korean Tourism Organization which is 1 month long, with over 1500 participating shops and up to 80% sale! This is the best time to get some souvenirs, stock up on Korean cosmetics and clothes or treat yourself to items that you have wanted all year long.

The best area for shopping for clothes and cosmetics of popular Korean brands is Myeongdong. Here, you can find every shop several times and can receive many freebies. If you are looking for clothes and goods in the upper price range, we recommend Apgujeong Rodeo Drive, which is another shopping paradise. For souvenirs, have a look around Insadong and you will find nice handmade gifts to take home.

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Don’t forget to bring your passport and collect your tax refund tickets to save some money 😉


9. A unique experience at a vineyard

Summer is the harvest season for delicious grapes. If you have tried Korean grapes, you will know how juicy and sweet they taste! Also, they have countless health benefits and contain powerful antioxidants. And did you know that Korea’s vineyards offer panoramic views?  A fun afternoon activity is to visit the vineyards and pick some grapes on your own while enjoying the great weather. You can pick out the best grapes for you to take home! A whooping 2kilos per person 😉 If you like your grapes even more sweet, you can also cover them in chocolate, which is a delicious treat and makes a great gift.

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Korea Grape Tour

10. An Exciting Day at Caribbean Bay

Caribbean Bay is a place of superlatives. First of all, it is the largest indoor/outdoor water park in the world. It bursts with all kinds of different facilities, from various pools, thrilling slides and fantastic rides to family areas, spas and saunas and last but not least wave pools which can create over 2m high waves. Caribbean Bay has received “Must-see Waterpark Awards” from International Association of Amusement Park Attractions. It is an absolutely Must in summer!



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