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The Best Bingsu in Seoul

The Best Bingsu in Seoul

After the Budae Jjigae and Samgyeopsal, I was already pretty stuffed but craving for Bingsu! If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect way to cool off in hot summer or treat yourself in winter. Honestly I could eat Bingsu everyday 😀

Bingsu is Korea’s number 1 dessert. It is shaved ice in a bowl with some toppings such as ice-cream, fruits, chocolate and everything you can think of! It exists in a traditional form with red beans or thousands of other flavors. They change the menu every year!!

You can get Bingsu in almost every café but the quality differs enormously… So let me tell you where to get the best Bingsu in Seoul! As a Bingsu-addict, I ate Bingsu everywhere in Seoul but Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun (Yeah now that’s difficult to pronounce 😀 ) in Insa-dong is my favorite place!

The Best Bingsu in Seoul
hard to find but sooo worth a visit!!

You can find the best Bingsu in Seoul in a traditional Korean café in a hidden, quiet alley in Insadong. Their delicious Bingsu is always fresh and handemade. Even though they offer only 2 versions (The traditional Patbingsu with red beans and a version with citron), I love the high quality and taste. Also, the shaved ice is not made of water but milk, which makes it taste more rich and flavorful!

The Best Bingsu in Seoul

Look great, right? The citron version is awesome as well!

Also, the atmosphere is really special, it’s nothing like the typical Bingsu – chain. The interior is really traditional and makes you feel like 100 years in the past 😀

The Best Bingsu in Seoul

The Best Bingsu in Seoul

They offer some traditional Korean snacks FOR FREE. Isn’t that awesome?

The Best Bingsu in Seoul
We got those traditional snacks for free! Daebak^^

Besides the best Bingsu in Seoul, they have a variety of other traditional snacks (Rice cakes, traditional teas/juices) too that you cannot easily find in other places and might want to try 😉 Last time we ordered Injeolmi, which is a sweet rice cake. The portion was really big and came with a variety of sauces to dip the rice cakes in. 🙂

The Best Bingsu in Seoul
Traditional Korean rice cakes!

It’s a great place to visit for “original” Bingsu and other desserts. I will be back there soon!

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  1. That sounds amazing. How do u get there? I would really like to try this out.

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