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Koreans are at the forefront of fearlessness when it comes to culinary art. Therefore anxiety is never far away. But if you have to choose between the unusual and the predictable, which one would it be?

Here is a list of the top 10 challenging Korean food, let’s check it out :

1. Boshintang

This dish called Boshintang is a dog soup in Korea ( health soup ), and familiar with North Koreans. The recipe comes along with rice, cucumbers, peppers and of course kimchi. Koreans also add shiso in the dish to remove the unique smell of dog meat, which sometimes can be a bit stronger. Mainly eaten in summer, Koreans believe that this soup helps to beat the heat. Since dog meat is nutritious, it should give energy during hot summers. The yookgaejang, and dakgyejang shared the same characteristics as the bosintang but replaced with beef, and chicken respectively.
Top 10 challenging korean food

2. Korean fish – penis shape

Sold in large tanks in the markets, this strange Korean fish harbor the shape of a man instrument. And we will stop there because the images speak for themselves.

Top 10 challenging Korean food fish

3. Cheonggukjang

An association of soup peppers and soybeans known for an odor capable of returning the toughest stomach. We even called this dish ” soup corpse ” and the Internet found descriptions associate the smell with some basic physiological functions.

Top 10 challenging Korean food

4. Sundae

Forget images of cherries and ice cream, and see this: a sausage with terrifying proportions and the least appetizing color. In Seoul, the sundae is a sausage made of blood and noodles. Sold at every street corner, those who eat for the first time said they sometimes felt like chewing a mass of dead maggots. Served hot and topped with a spicy sauce may make it more delicious. But for some sellers, it is full of warmed blood clots that only large glasses of beer will make it pass painfully…

Top 10 challenging Korean food

5. Dak Kong jip

The time has come for us to chew on the part of the less appetizing probably body that is: the Dak dong jip. Standing, not without a certain poetry, for “the house of poop chicken”. The flavor of the chicken gizzards may well be the most harmless for those who try it. South Korea has a penchant for unusual dishes asserted – from dog dishes to horse meat tasting or turtle, offered on the menu of some restaurants.

Top 10 challenging Korean food

6. Beondegi

Low in fat and high in protein, vendors in carts offered beondegi (silkworm pupae) to all street corners. To find one of them is easy . Hard to miss the pungent smell of burning these larvae once boiled: a kind of acid flavor, reminiscent of manure or molten plastic, that we never associate with the smell of an aliment. Fort, fortunately, their flavor has nothing in their fragrance. Indeed the larvae absorb part of the fetid juices in which they soak in their cooking – which gives them a flavor closer to dak dong jip no other food eaten previously in the chicken restaurant – but compared to the aroma they broadcast; silkworm pupae have an almost refined taste.

Top 10 challenging Korean food

7. Raw Octopus

Our last stop takes us to the headquarters of horror: the Noryangjin fish market, a place brimming with fish and dead and alive seafood, including science fiction creatures. One reason to go there is to eat raw octopus. Well, okay, when you say raw octopus – or sannakji – it’s no longer alive, but still squirming. Also, rumors has it that some have died by eating their octopus, choked! his strong tentacles, determined to give battle to the end.

Top 10 challenging Korean food

8. Hongeo

A dish whose reputation exceeds that of all the weird specialties Seoul that most South Koreans themselves prefer to avoid. A look at the fish in question is enough to understand that it is not meant to be eaten. The hongeo resembles the stripe, and his winged and ridiculous body evokes nothing in the image of an edible animal. And that’s before you even know it contains in its bowels ammonia in respectable amount – to the point that if it is not consumed quickly, the flesh of hongeo rapidly rot. To make things worse, the Koreans, the great masters of the perilous food, ferment hongeo for raw use. They serve the fish accompanied by a profusion of dishes spicier, probably intended to mask the taste.

Top 10 challenging Korean food

9. Ggup dae gi

Pig skin , anyone? It is the main ingredient in this dish. grilled or served in a spicy sauce back to you!

Top 10 challenging Korean food

10. Gopchang

Koreans are crazy about this dish – hose pork or beef, with vegetables, red pepper, and spices – for his juicy side and chewy texture.

Top 10 challenging Korean food



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