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The best things to do and see in Jeju Island

Only one hour a half flight away from Seoul, Korea’s tropical island, the picturesque Jeju has it all: from gorgeous beaches to relax, to beautiful natural formations, eccentric museums and parks, and other great attractions. To help you get the best out of Jeju, OnedayKorea […]

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korea private tours top 5

Top 5 Korea Private Tours

You enjoyed visiting Seoul but now you want to explore outside of the capital in a day ? It is possible with OneDay Korea! Have a look at our top 5 of our Korea Private Tours that will make you discover emblematic places of South […]

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Fall Foliage in Korea

8 Secret Places to see Fall Foliage in Korea

October and November are the best month to visit Korea. The weather is sunny, cool and crisp, this is the best time to experience the beauty of Korea fall foliage. The peak fall foliage in Korea is mid-October but south part of Korea always start […]

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A day trip to Yeongwol, the famous place for a legend of King Danjong (1441-1457)

Yeongwol is a county in the province of Gangwon-do in South Korea. It is well known as the place where King Danjong, the 6th King of the Joseon Dynasty, was exiled when he was abdicated by his uncle, who later became the 7th King of […]

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Danyang Tour Experience

My Danyang Tour Experience with Oneday Korea   It was my family’s first trip to Korea, which was a dream coming true for me. Of course, I planned a lot ahead and did research on places that I really wanted to see. Danyang was one […]

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pocheon tour experience

Pocheon Tour Experience

 Pocheon Tour Experience The small city of Pocheon is located in the Gyeongi province, 42km northeast of Seoul. Currently, 160.176 people are living in Pocheon. I did not know anything about Pocheon prior to coming to Korea but after seeing the great pictures being taken […]

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