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The Best Korean BBQ in Seoul

Korean BBQ

If you are a true meat lover you might have already heard of Korean BBQ, right? It is getting famous all over the world but of course, you wanna try the original in Seoul 😉 The Korean name “Samgyeopsal” actually means “Three layered pork”. It is Koreans unofficial national meal and Koreans love it so much that they dedicated a whole day only to celebrate Samgyeopsal (The 3. of March is Samgyeopsal Day!)

The basics are pork, rice, lettuce leaves, some dipping sauces and side dishes. And Soju. Everything will be brought to your table and the fun part is that you have to grill it yourself!

Korean BBQ

After grilling, you wrap the pork in a lettuce and add whatever you want (rice, sauce, garlic, onions, peppers…) and the delicious 1-bite-sized “Ssam” is ready to enjoy! Personally, I like it the best without garlic, but that is the great things about Korean BBQ: Everyone can create their own favorite style!

Korean BBQ
Ssam – the best way to eat Korean BBQ!

Finally, let’s get down to answering what everyone is wondering: Where to get the Best Korean BBQ in Seoul? Well, there are many good BBQ places all over Seoul but I love going to Ikseondong area because it has a “Pork Alley”. Basically, it’s a whole area filled with delicious BBQ restaurants lined up next to each other! What I like about that area is the quality of the meat and that it is are mostly visited by locals.

Korean BBQ
“Pork Alley” in Seoul

Seoul’s “Pork Alley” is around Jongno 3 Ga station, Exit 4 in a small alley. It might be a bit hard to find at first but I promise you, the experience is worth going the way!

Korean BBQ Seoul
Locals enjoy their evenings at those typical BBQ tables

Also, the portions are big and they are open even late at night. So you can enjoy the evening with your friends until the Soju runs out 😀

Korean BBQ
very important: Soju!


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