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Summer is finally here!

Summer in Korea is really hot and humid. Between the end of June and mid-July, this is the rainy season: the temperatures are not that high but they are heavy rains. The end of July and August are the hottest times: fans and water are you best friends!

There are many things to do during summer time in Korea, here some ideas:

  • Water Parks and water sports

The first thing you think when the hotness of summer strike you: to cool down and have fun in the water! If you do not have time to go to the beach, water parks and water sports can be a remedy.
Caribbean Bay (Yongin) or Onemount Waterpark (Ilsan) are perfect places to have fun with water attractions (slides, swimming pools, lazy rivers…).
You can also enjoy some water sports in Gapyeong’s river like flying fish, blob jump, floating playground!

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  • Beaches

What is better than to have the feet in the sand and the sound of the waves? Since Korea is a peninsula, you can easily find beaches from the north to the south! The most famous may be the Haeundae beach in Busan. Eating an ice cream; sunbathing; playing in the sea; doing water sports… Do not you want to go to the beach now?

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  • Valleys

Another way to avoid heavy heat: valleys! They are an excellent destination during summer with cool water and shade offered by trees! You have to climb a bit to get to them: after effort comes comfort!


  • Han River

The Han River is the ideal place to enjoy summer without leaving the capital. You can bike along the river, have a picnic with your friends or family but also simply lay down under a tree to savor a good rest.

Relax along the Han River!



Every year, Boryeong promotes its local mud by organizing a mud festival! Mud games, mud obstacle marathon, mud baths, mud massages, mud slide and also concerts! With many activities, the mud festival attracts many foreigners who come and have fun!

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To conclude, cheonggyecheon stream! Located in the middle of Seoul, it is the ideal place to go after work to stroll along and soak your feet in it!

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