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As usual, Seoul is crowded with millions of tourist this year.  Thanks to the Hallyu phenomenon, and various others factors, Korea’s global recognition has increased these past years.  This has lead her to place among the favorite destination in tourist’s hearts. Then why Myeongdong district is  famous for ?

Myeongdong district: Tourists’ favorite place

As a rising destination, Seoul has numerous places to offer to its visitors.  However one, in particular, seems to attract more than half of the tourist each day. Currently, one of the busiest place in Seoul, Myeongdong district was frequented mostly by locals.  It rapidly became international since it became Korea’s number one shopping destination.

Located in the heart of Seoul, this place appeal a bit more than a million of visitors every day, making the area bonded on days and nights. The area stretches from Shinsegae Department Store to Lotte Department Store and along Cheonggyecheon Stream to Myeongdong Subway Station.
Since it is considered as “the shopping heaven” of the country, it ‘s hard not to want to go there at least once, if only out of curiosity.

Have a look back on Myeongdong district

It might be a widely favored district today, but it also has a vast history background. Initially, the district was renowned for being a quiet residential area, quite the opposite from today. But since the late nineteenth century with the arrival of Chinese, British and Japanese peoples, the district has grown significantly.
When you go out from the subway station, you can already feel all the energy released by the neighborhood. You can witness people going back and forth on all sides, the free hugs and traders overflowing imagination trying, somehow, to sell you their products at the best price. In (more than) a WORD it is a place that never sleeps.

What can we find there?

Streets filled with fashion brand stores, cosmetics shops, restaurants, and cafes. From midday  all the shops are open until the late hours of the night. Food carts, and neon shop signs light up the alleys making the streets comes alive. All of this coupled with excited shoppers invading the stores. International visitors especially love Myeongdong district as they considered it as a beautiful shopping district with countless shops and restaurants. Its wild popularity has led similar shopping areas springing up all across the country.

Myeongdong also is a place to stay for first time visit, there are many street food vendors at night, check it out:

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Myeongdong District
Myeongdong District

Are you into shopping ? Do you plan to visit Korea ?
So what are you waiting for, hurry up and go before everything’s sold out?

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