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seoul on a rainy day

10 Things to Do in Seoul on a Rainy Day

10 Things to Do in Seoul on a Rainy Day Are you ready for Korea’s Monsoon season in July and August? While the summer weather in Korea can be anything in between gorgeous to terribly humid – you might be surprised that summer is also […]

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3 Days Seoul Trip Itinerary: What to Do in Seoul for 36 Hours

Ultimate Travel Guide for Free and Easy in Korea Seoul is the latest hot spot in Asia. With Korean music and fashion taking over the world, the number of visitors has doubled in the last few years. The modern metropolis with over 11 million habitants […]

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Introducing simple Korean words that will help for your trip

Hello guys, I am sure that a lot of you have encountered some difficulties on your first trip to Korea as nobody were talking in English.So here is what you have been waiting for : A post about some useful Korean words for your first trip in […]

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lotte world

Lotte World, an Amusement park in the heart of Seoul

Out shopping or go to an amusement park? See an aquarium or go ice skating? Don’t choose, take them all! All this is possible at Lotte World, all in one day. You can relax there and spend time without stress. The Lotte World welcomes over […]

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Seoul Walking tour, What to see&do on a trip to Korea

Seoul, capital of South Korea, is a great city few know. It is a dynamic metropolis, colorful and distinguished by its charm, its ultra-fast development, and its effervescence. Despite the devastating war of Korea reducing everything into nothing, the country amazed everyone. Modernizing at a […]

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Itaewon tour : come to Seoul’s Cosmopolitan neighborhood

Itaewon is located in Yongsan-gu, which borders the northern part of the Hangang River. It is also close to Seoul Station, Myeong-dong, and Namsan Mountain. What about taking you to itaewon tour now and make you discover this unique neighborhood. A lot of people associate […]

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