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Itaewon is located in Yongsan-gu, which borders the northern part of the Hangang River. It is also close to Seoul Station, Myeong-dong, and Namsan Mountain. What about taking you to itaewon tour now and make you discover this unique neighborhood.

A lot of people associate the development of this neighborhood along with Korean modern history. Indeed, after the Korean War, some American soldiers wanted to stay in Korea. Then they started to settle themselves in Yongsan Garrison area. Consequently, a lot of housing complexes but also businesses were formed there. In 80’, the government also took the initiative to reinforced tourism infrastructures to attract more people in Itaewon during International Meetings such as the Seoul Asian Games and Olympic Games.

A Genuine Melting-Pot

Even if the military presence is less important nowadays, the neighborhood is still a cosmopolitan one. The majority of expats that reside in Korea live there.It makes it a mini melting pot of cultures and religions from all over the world. This area is a unique place where nationalities and culture meet each other. Korean often say as a joke that foreign residents did not know Seoul, but they know Itaewon. Although, the capital city designated it as its “Special Tourism District” because a lot of tourist spent time there to enjoy its diversity.


Also, Itaewon is famous for its restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world. You can find Indian, Thai, French, Italian, Mexican and even more food. Good foreign restaurants are easy to find there. So if you want to experience the taste from all around the world, you should stop by this district. Likewise, the neighborhood’s nightlife is popular. You will easily find wine bars, pubs or lounges but prices can be high. As a matter of fact, the popularity of the neighborhood grew and became fancier than before.


Apart from the food culture, the area, is famous for shopping. The street between Itaewon 1-dong and Hannam 2-dong is about 1.4 kilometers. There you will be able to find fashion shops specialize in various imported clothes. You will also find leather goods, fur goods, handbags, shoes, and antique furniture at a fair price. Large and tall sizes, unavailable in other areas, are well-stocked. Furthermore, Itaewon is a right place if you want to experience tailors. They offer customized and good quality clothes but not that expensive.

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