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Seoul, capital of South Korea, is a great city few know. It is a dynamic metropolis, colorful and distinguished by its charm, its ultra-fast development, and its effervescence. Despite the devastating war of Korea reducing everything into nothing, the country amazed everyone. Modernizing at a fast pace, Korea successfully blend history and modernity, also mixing the culture and its values. Booming until now, the largest city of South Korea has nothing but good things to offer. There is a multitude of stuff to do and see but here is a small selection of tours and activities that you can consider during your stay in Seoul :

  • Experience Korea’s oldest market in Seoul and try out some typical Korean food

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Built in the early 20th century, the traditional market Gwangjang has about 5000 stores and independent shops selling everything including high-quality hanbok ( Korean traditional costumes). You can get lost in the maze of shops and walkways. On the site, you can taste some local specialties like bindaeddeok, a kind of savory pancake exquisite. To enjoy it to its fullest, it’s better to couple it with makgeolli, a rice wine beverage. Everything is very authentic!

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  • Have a taste of traditional Korea

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The skyline of Seoul is a bit bland and mostly dotted with skyscrapers. But for a glimpse of the traditional Seoul, Bukchon Hanok Village is the perfect place. This old village offers the visitors a glimpse of what life looked like in the past. These traditional houses were highly regarded in the past. Sleeping in guest houses in these hanok houses attract tourists willing to sleep and live the Korean way.

You can also visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace or Changdeokgung Palace. As there are 5 of them, these two are the most popular. Since they are all similar palaces, visiting only two or even one is enough. The plus of changdeokgung is its secret garden, offering a stunning view of historical monuments.

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  • Climb the highest point of Seoul

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A vast majority of the South Korean landscapes are mountainous; it is not surprising that climbing is a highly popular sport for the Korean people. While the most famous peaks are mostly outside of Seoul, in the capital on the other hand there is the Mt. Bukhansan (or “Mount Bukhan”). The highest summit in Seoul, peaking at 836.5 meters above sea level. For those who wants to climb it, it might be challenging at first but rewarding at the end for both experienced and novice hikers. Many routes are leading to the peak but regardless the one you decide to take the breathtaking views of Seoul and surrounding areas is an experience in itself. Also during your ascension, you might get the opportunity to meet on your way very friendly Koreans and share a snack with them along the trails. Finally, remember to take plenty of water.

Of course, if you don’t have time you can only go for the N Seoul tower. “The tourist attraction”, offering an exceptional view of all Seoul from its 236 meters high, and is accessible by cable car, or by walk.

Go hiking in Bukhansan Mountain!


  • Should we talk about Tea?

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Today Koreans appreciate maybe coffee, but tea and tea culture are part of the local culture for centuries and the Museum of Fine Arts Kyung -In is a great place to enjoy tea in a Korean way. Korean traditional house serves a variety of seasonal and unique Korean teas and it also has a small art gallery which exhibits change frequently. The beautiful gardens and peaceful outdoor change in appearance depending on the season and time of day. The museum is located in an alley of Insadong noisy artery, making it an ideal refuge to rest and clear his head. After taking a rest, if you wish for some goodies to remember your trip, Insadong is the perfect place to find a representative present from Korea’s culture, since it is the traditional market of Seoul.

  • Relax and get rid of your stress

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Like every sauna, Korea has its improved version of baths and relaxation centers called jjimjilbangs. These are available all over Seoul and are very popular with everyone ( old, young, families, couples, friends, etc.). You have a wide choice of spas to relax and sweat ( salt chamber, jade room, charcoal room, etc. ). Quite cheap places to relax you can even sleep there for usually 2000 won (a little more than 1 dollar). Do not hesitate to pay a little more for a clean and healthy skin scrub.


  • Walk along the river

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To escape the bustle of city life, the parks of the Han River offer activities for all ages and interests. Bike paths are everywhere to satisfy lovers of bicycle and jogging trails for those seeking to exercise with a magnificent view on the river. In these parks, there is plenty of lawn where you can rest and picnicking. In Korea, you can have it delivered free wherever you are; then this is a good way to enjoy the long summer days in these parks.

But Han River is not the only place where you can stroll alongside a river. For a long time forgotten, Cheonggyecheon river recently resurfaced after a project voted in 2003. Nowadays, several representations of culture and Korean art are visible all along the stream. You will come across 22 bridges which 9 are reconstructions of bridges crossing the river in 1970, fountains and waterfalls, each with their story to tell, the great frescoes in praise of King Jeongjo (정조) or a wall covering hopes and desires of thousands of Koreans. At nightfall, you can also attend several small light shows. A place favored by couples.

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  • Shop as the locals do

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While Myeongdong on the north side of the Han River may be the popular place for tourists to shop, it’s on the Garosugil road where you will find the most fashionable people. This street has some stores and independent shops selling everything in the latest styles and trendy accessories. In addition, it is a great place to keep up to date of the latest fashion in Seoul. Not only that but also numerous cafes and restaurants.


  • Enjoy the bustling center of nightlife in Seoul

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Night rhyme with Korea. Long tainted by its bad reputation, the Itaewon neighborhood experienced a renaissance in recent years and is now one of the most famous places in Seoul to eat, drink and get out. But let’s not forget competing lively neighborhoods like Hongdae and Gangnam(most expensive place to party). The lounge bars are filled as soon as the sun goes down, and the long lines are created in front of the most famous clubs such as NB2. Therefore, in Itaewon, you will find all types of atmospheres you want.

Hope this article helps you decide what you want to see and do in your future trip to Korea! 🙂

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