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Out shopping or go to an amusement park? See an aquarium or go ice skating? Don’t choose, take them all! All this is possible at Lotte World, all in one day. You can relax there and spend time without stress.

The Lotte World welcomes over 8 million visitors annually, making it one of the largest amusement parks in the world. Located in the heart of Seoul of South Korea, this giant park is frequented by both Koreans and foreigners tourists. It offers all the classic recreation complex such as: roller coasters, water attractions and sensations, scenic and audiovisual courses. All year long it held many parades, festivals, and shows, quite a sight.

lotte world

Amazing Lotte World

Created in 1989, the Lotte World also includes shopping centers, hotels, sports facilities, cinemas and a museum of Korean folklore. The latter is very popular with tourists because it traces 5,000 years of Korean history vivaciously and in a playful way. The Lotte World Park has two distinct parts: “Adventure” and “Magic Island”. The Adventure Zone offers internationally oriented attractions including a giant slide on the theme of the French Revolution. The Magic Island area is reserved for thrill rides. There is also a castle that is reminiscent of Disneyland. The most popular attraction is the Gyro Drop, which is to dive 70 meters high within a pod. The Lotte World amusement park remains extraordinary as the diversity of activities proposed by the gigantism of its facilities and sports and leisure facilities.

The park just seems out of reach but is reuniting all the attraction which seems incredible and impossible at first. Yet, Lotte did it. And when entering the place prepare yourself to be blown away by this park.

We advise you to enjoy your day fully to take an all pass day and go on a Sunday as there are fewer people. And therefore not too crowded.

lotte world

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