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Not really comparable with Disneyland or Universal Studios, the two American giants, Everland is the largest amusement park in South Korea. And it attracts 6 million visitors each year.

Established in 1976, Everland is a leisure resort near Seoul located in Yongin. This is the first park being built in South Korea. It consists of three areas: Everland and Caribbean Bay,  Home Bridge. The site is run by Samsung Everland Group, a subsidiary of Samsung. In there you will find rides, parades, restaurants, as it is a Korean version of Disneyland. Surrounded by small mountains, the setting is quite beautiful.

The Park covers a massive area and offers a multitude of activities and over forty attractions. Throughout the year many festivals like the tulip one, the ” romantic lighting ” festival and Halloween Festival, for example, are organized inside the park. This one is divided into five areas: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia.

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Global Fair is the first space that we discover when entering the park. You found no significant attraction over there. The American Adventure area tells the story of 500 years of the American continent. From the discovery of Christopher Columbus until the sixties and the rock’n’roll rule.¬†Whereas Magic land is an area, who gets you back being a kid, making us dream, reminding us of our childhood memories made of tales and stories like Peter Pan.

As for the European adventure, it’s partly the same as the American area, but with a lot more of restaurants. It is also here that we find the famous T Express, the main attraction of Everland. Indeed, it is one of the largest wooden roller coasters in the world with a dizzying descent of 56 meters on a 77-degree angle: emotions guaranteed !!! Unlike steel roller coaster, rail squeaks and shakes as the vehicle pass for even more thrills and sensations. It is also in this part of the park where the four seasons park, a huge flower garden lies.

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Everland is different from other amusement parks. It is not only down to its attractions, but also house a large garden and a wildlife zoo (zootopia). This is a truly unique experience in a theme park. You can closely observe wildlife (hyenas, bears, lions, etc.) including the famous white tigers, a species, unfortunately, threatened with extinction and left about 200 specimens in the world. The animals are not in cages, but freely moving and only the bus window separates you from them. But you risk nothing.
You can just enjoy your day, freely walk in the park and try out the many attractions that await you as the Ferris wheel or, for lovers of roller coaster, try the T-Express.

You can also stay in the park until nightfall to witness the nightly parade and magnificent fireworks.

With the arrival of summer, we all want to get out and enjoy the sun, and what better way to enjoy an amusement park! In Korea, Everland is the best.

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