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True to its title as one of the most modernized city in the world, Seoul doesn’t miss to provide a myriad of various activities, theme parks, museums and education centers for kids to have an unforgettable time in South Korea. Here is a selection of the best places for kids-oriented days out in Seoul and its surrounding area.


Lotte World Amusement Park

Conveniently located in the city of Seoul and therefore easily accessible by subway (Jamsil Station Exit 4), Lotte World Adventure could be considered as the Disney Land of Korea. The amusement park is represented by its magic castle and two main mascots, the couple of raccoons named Lotty and Lorry, and is composed of a huge indoor park (the world’s largest one) and indoor area. Providing thrilling rides, adventures and fun activities suitable for kids of all ages, the park will for sure let your family an unforgettable memory. Kids can enjoy skating on the ice rink, admire the parades and shows or take in the wonderful view from the top of air-balloons. The complex also houses the Pororo Park which requires a separate entrance fee, as well as a huge Toys R Us shop and a Folk Museum.

We recommend to visit the park on week-days and if possible at the first opening hours to avoid the crowd of visitors and have the most pleasant experience.

Transportation: It is very easy to go to Lotte World by public transport in Seoul, you can take the Seoul Subway to Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2,8) and take exit 4, Lotte world is directly connected to the station!

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Best places for kids in Seoul


Everland Theme Park

Located at an 1-hour ride from Seoul, Everland was opened in 1976 as Korea’s first family amusement park and is now a must-go for every visitors in South Korea. (Etalé)  on a wide area and surrounded by a beautiful mountainous scenery, the park provides heart-pounding rides as well as exciting attractions suitable for kids. Among them is the impressive wooden roller-coaster or the popular safari which enables visitors to get up close to wild giraffes, lions, bears or even elephants while riding and floating in an amphibious vehicle. Another popular spot in the park is the vast garden, which is particularly magnificent in Spring with its myriads of colourful tulips. Families can also enjoy various shows such as the night parade and fireworks, or even decide to refresh themselves at the neighboring water park – Caribbean Bay.

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Best places for kids in Seoul - Everland Theme Park

Coex Aquarium

Located in the Coex Shopping Mall and spread out over a large area this aquarium features thousands of all kinds of fish and marine mammals swimming in large and modern looking aquariums. The aquarium is well organised with areas dedicated to species from different parts of the world as well as an area with common animals such as rabbits or squirrels. Having its hands tickled by the “doctor fish” (who eat the skin dead cells), touching the starfish or seeing the big sharks, manatee, luminescent jellyfish or cute penguins may be the aquarium highlights for your kids.

Check the aquarium schedules so that you can assist to one of the live feeding shows!


Best places for kids in Seoul- Coex Aquarium

Seoul Forest

In the beautiful scenery of Seoul Forest, kids can expend their energy by running freely on vast grass areas or by cycling along the lake shores.  In the past the park was used as a royal hunting ground for kids but now offers many activities to visitors who can find a deer garden, an insect house, horse stables, small rodents, fountains and different playgrounds and sport fields for all ages. The area is stroller-friendly and picnicking amidst its nature is a must-do for families when the trees foliage slowly turns into a beautiful range of autumn shades, or in spring when the nice weather makes its first appearance.

Best places for kids in Seoul - Seoul Forest

Seoul Children’s Museum (Grand Children’s park)

Located in Seoul Children’s Grand Park, the Seoul’s Children museum is an immersive touch-and-feel museum which aims to tickle the kids’ curiosity, creativity and senses through various interactive exhibits. The museum building is organised in various education halls tailored around the developmental stages of children such as the art play, the nature play or the science play. In the beyond sensory playroom, the museum holds an interesting exhibit where kids can learn acceptance and consideration for others by opening their minds to people’s differences. Kids can try on traditional costumes from all around the world, play in the water playground and try a myriad of other fascinating activities.


Best places for kids in Seoul - Seoul Children’s Museum

Seoul Grand Park

The Seoul Grand Park is the first and largest theme park in Korea with a zoo and a botanical garden.  Seoul Zoo is home to over 2,975 animals belonging to about 348 species from all over the world. The zoo is the 10th largest in the world and a recognized member of the International Species Information System (ISIS) and the World Zoo Organization (IUDZG-WZO).

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Seoul Grand Park Spring Tour


Alpaca World

Alpaca World is a perfect place for playing with animals and relaxing, away from the bustle and hustle of the city. Travelers can feed pigs, rabbits, birds, sheep, and other cute animals. You can also enjoy various programs such as train riding, poney riding, performances and more.

Nature Trip to Alpaca World


Anseong Farmland

Anseong Farm Land is one of the best places to go with your kids. Drive about 1.5 hours from Seoul, Anseong Farm Land is located in Anseong city of Gyeonggi province. So many activities are available: you can feed the animals, make cookies, ride a horse, try archery, watch a dog show or walk around and enjoy the beauty of the Korean countryside. The farmland has European style half-timbered architecture. In the farm, you can see goats, horses, pigs, cows, sheeps and many other farm animals.
The park is divided in 5 theme areas: Moomoo ville (where you can feed all the farm animals), Miru Hill, (a large Greenland where you can experience a tractor ride tour while admiring the large grassland), Deutsche Ville (German-style village),Horse Ville and Food Ville.
A summer day in this farm land will be unforgettable for every family.

Anseong Farm Land Tour


Gwacheon National Science Museum

Located in Gwacheon this museum is clearly a must go for families! While visiting its numerous exhibition halls visitors can learn about natural history, aerospace, astronomy, new technologies or even traditional sciences thanks to dynamic displays and interactive activities so that kids can fully enjoy their experience and let their curiosity wander unleashed. The large outdoor area also features various exhibitions as well as a botanical garden and insectarium, while the planetarium plays really beautiful and instructive shows. A paragraph isn’t enough to describe all you can do in this museum, so the only way to know it is to go there! In Gwacheon you can also visit the zoo (Seoul Grand Park) and the theme park (Seoul Land) with your kids.


Best places for kids in Seoul - Gwacheon National Science Museum

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

As this area was an old residential neighbourhood who clearly needed a refreshing change, the village community decided to start quite a surprising renovation project. Without destroying any house, the village has been newly decorated in a way to make it look like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Repainted with vibrant colors, the old houses now depicts fairy tales’ characters and quirky scenes! Gas pipes has been transformed into the tin robot from the Wizard of Oz, the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland makes its escape from the roofs, a meerkat family observes the visitors from behind the fence, the Prince climbs Princess Rapunzel’s hair… and many other funny situations! Kids will find their favorite characters from Disney movies, Hansel & Gretel tales but also from traditional Korean stories.

Blog about Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village Tour

Best places for kids in Seoul


Icheon Pig Museum

There are some unique themed museums in Korea‬, and the Incheon‬ Pig Museum is clearly one of them! This museum has been created by a pig expert and is the first of its kind in Asia. In addition to featuring an impressive collection of more than 5000 pig-related items coming from all around the word, the center is also home to many cute pigs and piglets which will surely bring delight to your kids! The museum provides several different programs such as pig performances during which the piglets adorable jump over small hurdles or play bowling. Visitors are able to play with and feed them, and many other activities are available for kids, like eco-doll or pig masks making.

Best places for kids in Incheon - Icheon Pig Museum

Note: In Korea transports are free for kids under 4, and a 50% discount is applied for kids between 4 and 13 year-old.


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