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As you may know, Korea likes to give a second life as new tourist attractions to dilapidated/abandoned areas. A recent good example is Songwol-dong’s Fairy Tale Village‬ in Incheon city!

As this area was an old residential neighborhood who clearly needed a refreshing change, the village community decided to start quite a surprising renovation project. Without destroying any house and just by installing window frames and so on, the village has been newly decorated in a way to make it look like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Reprinted with vibrant colors, the old houses now depicts fairy tales’ characters and quirky scenes! Gas pipes has been transformed into the tin robot from the Wizard of Oz, the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland makes its escape from the roofs, a meerkat family observes the visitors from behind the fence, the Prince climbs Princess Rapunzel’s hair… and many other funny situations! Kids and parents will find their favorite characters from Disney movies, Hansel & Gretel tales but also from traditional Korean stories. Do not forget to take photos!

How to get there: Incheon‬ station exit 1, walk into China town and in 5 minutes you will find the rainbow arch entrance to Fairy Tale Village.


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