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Incheon is the second largest port city in Korea. It was the first town in Korea to begin rightly modernizing. Wolmido Island and Yeonan Pier constitute the top tourist attractions in the area. But you can also find its International airport, bridge, Songdo international city (a free economic zone who recently emerged to boost Incheon attractivity).

When you land in Korea, Incheon is the first city you discover. Often the majority of tourists goes directly to Seoul to unpack. But historically and economically, the city matters for Koreans. During the Korean War, and especially during the Battle of Incheon, it was the site of landing for US forces. Today, it is a city of nearly 2.9 million inhabitants located on the shores of the Yellow Sea, administratively independent of Seoul. It also serves as a hub for air and sea transport, with a large port (the second of South Korea after Busan) and its international airport. Several beautiful islands such as Yeongjong and Ganghwa depend on the city.

Incheon city

Incheon second town : Songdo…

Among the favorite place to visit on the site, Songdo is a must see.  The new city was built on land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea. Many apartments were built, and many public facilities. And so, cultural activities were created: a promenade, a large park, an art gallery, a literary café, shops, etc. Famous universities were also founded there. Furthermore, big business has also installed quickly in this area. Big stores have appeared along a street called Canal Walk. It’s a famous commercial area in Songdo where many people do their shopping. This mall is located in the commercial area of Songdo. They are perceived as exotic because they evoke a European ambiance, this is why many people visit this place. This shopping area is particularly popular with foreign tourists.

Incheon songdo

This being said Incheon has other famous attraction that deserves to be visited. Like China Town, the first and biggest ‘China Town’ in Korea. Recently the area brags many restaurants with delicious Chinese-Korean fusion food such as ‘jjajangmyeon’ and different kinds of Chinese street food. While wandering along China Town streets, visitors can discover buildings and museums from the 19thCentury. But also, traditional Chinese gates, a park and a large wall painting showing the story of the three kingdoms. They can then visit the Wolmi observatory, Sorae Eco Park or Incheon Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village.

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