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The Best Places to Stay in Seoul

The Best Places to Stay in Seoul 1. For First-Timers and Shopaholics: Myeongdong Myeongdong is a great place to stay because of its central location and the fact that everything is available there. From countless Korean clothes and cosmetics brands to delicious street food, restaurants […]

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Seoul Layover Tour | Info Sheet,Tour Offers and Reviews!

Seoul Layover Tour If you have some hours left during a stop over at Incheon Airport, you shouldn’t just sit around waiting. You can spend that time traveling and getting a glimpse of a foreign country and culture! We at OnedayKorea are experts in organizing […]

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Vibrant Incheon : the futuristic city

Incheon is the second largest port city in Korea. It was the first town in Korea to begin rightly modernizing. Wolmido Island and Yeonan Pier constitute the top tourist attractions in the area. But you can also find its International airport, bridge, Songdo international city […]

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