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Seoul Layover Tour

If you have some hours left during a stop over at Incheon Airport, you shouldn’t just sit around waiting. You can spend that time traveling and getting a glimpse of a foreign country and culture! We at OnedayKorea are experts in organizing private customized tours. Layover tours are one of our most popular tours! If you have some ideas about what you want to see and do in a short time or even no ideas at all – just send us an e-mail and we will create the perfect itinerary for you!


Korea Transit Tour
Incheon airport transit tour

Seoul Layover Tour Example

Recently, our “Seoul Layover Tour” customers were a couple from Singapore who had 13 hours layover in Seoul (13 hours is quite long but we offer layover tours starting from approx. 5hrs).

Our customers arrived at the airport at 8am and we scheduled our tour to start at 9am. When coming to Korea and leaving the airport, you have to go through customs and get your passport stamped which takes usually 45 – 90mins. We pick you up at your arrival gate and don’t worry, you can’t miss us because we will hold a big beautiful sign with your name 😉

We met at the airport at Gate B. (Don’t worry, we always check your flight number and then meet you at the gate which is most convenient for you. Just exit through the nearest gate and you will see us! Emergency phone number will be given – just in case). Our comfortable private van is always waiting outside and we can get started immediately! It takes about 1-1.5hrs from the airport to Seoul city, if that is to long for you we can also visit Incheon!

We customize the tour for every client individually but our Singaporean customers’ were especially interested in visiting cultural places, which is why we took them to Gyeongbokgung Palace first. Built in 1395, it is the most famous and biggest of Seoul’s royal palaces. It was the home for kings during Joseon Dynasty and kept in a good condition until today. The weather was great and we took some nice pictures! We also saw the changing of the royal guards ceremony!

Korea Transit Tour
Seoul Layover Tour: Gyeongbokgung Palace
Korea Transit Tour
Seoul Layover Tour: Changing of the royal guards ceremony

Next, we visited the beautiful Bukchon Hanok village.

Korea Transit Tour
Seoul Layover Tour: Bukchon Hanok Village

Beautiful traditional Hanoks where cafes and cute shops have been opened give the traditional village a very special charm. This is a great place to get immersed in Korean culture and you might spot some people wearing the traditional Hanbok and doing a photoshoot. Our customers really liked this area!

We had lunch nearby Bukchon Hanok village. Our customers wanted to try the local cuisine, which is why we recommended a famous traditional Korean restaurant where we enjoyed a variety of delicious food!

Korea Transit Tour
A transit tour in Korea is your chance to try authentic Korean food!

After delicious lunch we headed for our next attraction: Namsan Tower! We drove right up on the mountain and enjoyed the great view. The top of Namsan tower is at 480m above sea level and you can overlook the whole city in a 360 degrees view.

Korea Transit Tour
Enjoy a great 360 degrees view on Seoul during a transit tour in Seoul

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Myeongdong because our customers were interested in shopping and street food. Myeongdong is located in the heart of Seoul and you can find every Korean brands’ shops in here! Our customers bought some Korean fashion accessories and sampled various skincare products. Also, we ate Hotteoks (Korean pancakes filled with syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon), Doekbokki (Spicy Ricecakes) and Kimbab.

Korea Transit Tour
Korea Transit Tour: Shopping in Myeongdong
Korea Transit Tour
Korea Transit Tour: Try delicious Korean street food

As a last stop of our tour, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Myeongdong. We introduced our customers to Korean food culture and had a lot of fun!

Korea Transit Tour
The great thing about our customized tours is that we can completely adapt to you! Suddenly craving for Korean BBQ? Let’s go! Vegetarian or vegan? No problem. You want to do something extraordinary and visit a cat café? Sure! Everything is possible!

We finished the BBQ around 6pm and drove our customers back to Incheon airport where they had enough time to check in again and catch their flights. We were happy to being able to show them our country and culture and turn their lay over into a memorable experience.

You can check our layover tour here.

If you have a lay over in Seoul and want to get a glimpse of the real Korea, just send us an e-mail ( and we will get in contact with you and create the best itinerary!




We always adapt our tours to the pace of each client, therefore the itinerary might be shorter or longer depending on the individual. We don’t want to rush you! If you like a certain place so much that you want to stay longer no problem! Booking a private tour might be a little more costly than going on a group tour but if you really want to experience Korea and not just spend your time in a tourist bus, it is the best thing you can do! We care about your interests and create a customized itinerary just for you. Maybe you don’t like shopping but rather want to see some nature? Or maybe you don’t like historical facts but rather want to experience K-Pop culture in real life? Anyway, you came to the right place!

Also, our guides are local experts with a lot of insider knowledge which will leave you with many impressions that go behind what most tourists get to know about Korea!

Important Information about a layover in Seoul

Guide meeting point: At your exit gate, depending on your flight. We will have a big sign with your name on it and -just in case- an emergency phone number.

Incheon Airport Transfer

Recommended time: If you want to make the most out of it, for a Songdo or Incheon Layover Tour we recommend >8hours, for a Seoul Layover Tour >12hours

Visa: We do not offer any service about this. Most nationalities can enter South Korea without problems, but make sure to ask your embassy and check the Korean immigration regulations here.

Flight time: Please double check your flight times. We will bring you back to the airport in time (You will arrive at the airport 2hours before flight time since you need to check in again!) but we are not eligible for sudden changes in your journey.

Airport immigration: The waiting time when going through customs varies. In our experience, it is usually 45-90mins.

Luggage: Please consult your airline and check if you need to pick up your luggage or if they direct it automatically. Our van has enough room for luggage, there won’t be any problem.

incheon airport transfer
Our comfortable private van


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