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Hello guys, I am sure that a lot of you have encountered some difficulties on your first trip to Korea as nobody were talking in English.So here is what you have been waiting for : A post about some useful Korean words for your first trip in Korea.

South Korea is a very welcoming country. Koreans, even though they do not always speak English, are always ready to do whatever they can to help foreigners. Also, important information is translated into English. To move in Province and in small fend for road stations for example, it is useful to have with you a guide or a map with the name of the place you want to go, if possible in Korean. But of all ways, all  is often read in Western characters and therefore know how to recognize the names of places in Western writing.
Also,  there is the little phrase book translator from English-Korean by Lonely planet, very well designed. You just has to show the sentence written by the situation. Besides,  it’s easier to overcome the language barrier  in Korea Than in Japan.

I think in Korea, the only real problem for foreigners is the spicy food! Apart from the basic Hello / goodbye the only thing to memorize is: Not spicy please, as you can tell by reading phonetically this:
An Maiwoyo Toussaiyo!

introducing korean words 1

So here are a few korean words that will help you get through your first trip in Korea :

[Basic greetings]


Hello/Goodbye – 안녕하세요 – An-nyeong-ha-se-yo


Nice to meet you – 반갑습니다 – Ban-gap-sum-ni-da


Goodbye – 안녕히 가십시오-Annyonghi gaseyo


Thank you – 감사합니다 – Kam-sa-ham-ni-da


Excuse me/just a moment – 잠시만요 – Jam-shi-man-yo


I’m sorry – 최성합니다/미안합니다 – Chway-seong-ham-ni-da/Mi-an-ham-ni-da


Please (Please give) – 주세요 – Ju-se-yo



This one/This thing – 이것 – i-geot (with a silent t)


Where is the (something) – 어디예요 – o-di-ye-yo


Right/Left/Straight – 오른/왼/직진 – O-reun/wen/jik-jin

[Shopping ]


Right/Left/Straight – 오른/왼/직진 – O-reun/wen/jik-jin


Give me a discount – 깎아주세요 – Kka-kka-ju-se-yo

[The most important one]


I can’t speak Korean well – 한국말 잘 못해요 – Han-guk-mal jal mot-hae-yo

introducing korean words 2

Now you are ready to face Koreans, and blow them away with your knowledge of the language 😉

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