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Insadong can be defined much like the Asakusa Seoul. Over there we can easily find a lot of traditional things in the area, and many tourists come to buy souvenirs on the Korean tradition. But that’s not all. It is also one of the most artistic districts of Seoul. In fact, the area of Hongdae or Hongik University (best university art of Korea),is supposed to be the creative center, but this neighborhood has quickly slipped to become the nightlife of Seoul.

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Insadong : a changing area……

Often called the cultural heart of Seoul for its many shops, art galleries, restaurants and tea houses, it is a district revealing the Korean customs and above all its heritage. In this pedestrian street, you will be able to find interesting prices for handcrafts or meaningful souvenirs from your trip. Insadong has always been a key area for a long time for the city. Indeed, it was a neighborhood with a lot of old Korean houses serving authentic cuisine. It was inexpensive and often accompanied with all kinds of alcohol. You could find antique shops, furniture and old paintings, ceramics and calligraphy of high quality.

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that kept its values!

However, the area has recently undergone a series of renovation that was not unanimously. Restaurants have become more contemporary. Modern buildings replaced some beautiful places, changing the area from what it originally was. Assuredly more touristic, it is still offering a glimpse into Korea culture and therefore Korea man-craft. You will find street vendors selling delicious tteok or homemade sweets. And of course a lot of restaurants, often traditional houses, serving typical dishes. You can also buy green tea and ceramics combo.

Insadong remains a good place to eat and discover the diversity of Korean food in a pleasant way.

Three sites to not miss : Kyungin fine art Gallery, located in a former aristocratic house. Ssamzi Gil, a fantastic architectural complex of shops. And Tong in Store with its products of high artisanal quality.

In Insadong, visitors swarm every Saturday and Sunday. Mostly because there are also folk instrumental, music shows, and dances. So choose your day carefully. It is also an  attractive district for young Korean and foreigners. They usually spent happy and eventful nights!

Don’t miss out this district. If you want to bring and offer meaningful gift to your friends, or family, you need to go there.  You can find a diversity of cultural showoff over there.

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