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Let me introduce you to this special place where Koreans like to go. It is the most famous jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna) in Seoul and recommended by the New York Times and CNN! It’s “Dragon Hill Spa”, which is located in the heart of Seoul.

The Spa features a healing zone, various saunas, a spa where you can get facial treatments and massages and an outdoor zone with a heated pool and much more! You can easily spend a day here to relax and pamper yourself. Moreover, they offer some fun activities as well like karaoke rooms, various restaurants, nail studios, pc rooms, a cinema… You certainly will not be bored!

And don’t worry, men and women are separated when it comes to taking a bath:)

The word “jjimjil” is derived from the word meaning “heating”; Jjimjilbang is an essential part of Korean culture.

Usually it’s a place which gather the generation from grandmother to grandchild, families and couples. It wouldn’t be odd for a group of friends to meet up at a jjimjilbang on a Friday night too.

More than a simple bathhouse, this place is dedicated to well-being and beauty rituals that go far beyond a quick soak.

The most elaborate ones, like Dragon Hill Spa, also provide restaurants, outdoor swimming pools, hair and nail salons and karaoke rooms in addition to the usual baths and saunas. Furthermore, to complete the relaxing process most of people spend the night there.

However, a jjimjilbang can be quite intimidating for foreigners due to the cultural gap, an unspoken code of manners and customs that rules the place.

But if you read the following tips, I am sure that you will enjoy your experience and soak in a Korean spa like a pro in no time.

To start with, you have to take off your shoes and put them in a locker then, they will give you another key to get a locker in the changing room along with a towel and a cotton pajamas.

Before entering tubs, you have to take a shower. You can bring your products but you can also buy all the things at jjimjilbang. Then you can go and relax to the hot tubs, for those who don’t know, you have to be completely naked, but as it’s common for Korean you don’t need to be stressed by other people glance.

There will be a variety of temperatures, from about 38°C (not too hot) to 42°C (pretty hot), and also a cold tub.

For those who don’t have any fear and who want to “refresh themselves” you can experience a professional body scrub. However, I have to tell you that people who scrub you are generally merciless, but you will never have smoother skin in your life. (You should do this after soaking for a bit, so the steam from the baths makes your skin softer and the procedure less painful).

Then, you can enjoy the sauna but don’t forget to get dressed 😉 and if you want to go back to the tubs, it’s no problem.

Finally, you can join the common area, where everybody wear the same “beautiful” pajama, and play cards together, watch TV, use a massage chair but you also can take a nap. For a few won more you can spend the night there too. Don’t miss this unique Korean experience!

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