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Seoul is a fascinating city where you can see different sites: ancient ones and modern ones. The capital overflows with cultural and historical treasures as much as contemporary places that will satisfy the tastes of every tourist. That is why OneDay Korea elaborated several Seoul Private Tours to make your stay in Seoul memorable.

You can customize these Seoul Private Tours depending on your wishes. Every tour is accompanied by one of our expert guides who will make you live a unique experience of Seoul!
Look at our top 5 of our Seoul Private Tours and create the perfect trip to discover Seoul!

1. Old and New Seoul Tour

You will visit emblematic places of this contrasting city between traditions and modernity. Among the big buildings, ancient palaces of the Joseon dynasty appear.
Gyeongbokgung palace is the main palace of Seoul and the only one to have a changing of the guard in traditional costumes. It is the largest palace in the city and presents beautiful pavilions.

seoul private tours changing of guard seoul gyeongbokgung

Likewise, Changdeokgung palace is smaller but very charming and has a secret garden boasting a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old.

Besides, you can visit the presidential house called “The Blue House” or you can stride across the traditional streets of the Buckchon village.
Furthermore, the Jogyesa Temple will give you a peaceful time admiring the beautiful colors painted on the monument. It welcomes the famous statue of Seokgamoni.

seoul private tours jogyesa temple

Finally, why not go to the N Seoul Tower, giving the best panoramic views of the city. You will be in the highest point of Seoul, and you will be able to see thousands of padlocks and love notes which decorate the Roof Terraces.  Add your own love padlock to symbolize your love!

Get more information about the tour here.


2. Best Seoul Night View Tour

Enjoy a colorful night in the capital! Choose the places you would like to see and OneDay Korea will be happy to create your own Seoul Night Tour.

Seeing the N Seoul Tower at night is a must-do activity with all these lights reflecting on the tower. You can relax and have the best view of Seoul.

seoul private tours namsan seoul tower

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza will give you the modern touch of your night tour. It holds various exhibitions, fashion shows, and international and national events that you can attend while enjoying the unique architecture.

If you want more bright views, the Banpo Bridge Fountain will be perfect to complete your Seoul Night Tour. This bridge is the world’s longest bridge fountain and is illuminated by 200 lights during the nights from April to October.

seoul private tours han river cruise

You can also choose to go on a cruise on the Han river or walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream.

More details about this Seoul  Night View Tour are here.


3. Hanbok Photoshoot Tour

seoul private tours hanbok photoshoot

This tour in Seoul is one of the most authentic half-day trip of our Seoul Private Tours. Go back to the past by wearing traditional clothes called Hanbok and get a professional photo shoot of this unique experience! Choose the Hanbok you want to wear and walk inside the Royal Palace and a traditional village.

Get the chance to visit Seoul in Hanbok here.


4. Bukhansan Mountain Hiking Tour

Hiking is a popular activity among Koreans. This tour will bring you to Bukhansan Mountain, 78.45km wide, in the north of Seoul. Getting there, you will enjoy a wonderful panorama of the capital. You can also see the Bukhansanseong Fortress surrounded by 8,500 meters of wall, built to stop foreign invasions.

seoul private tours bukhansan mountain

5. Seoul Secret City Walk Tour

This tour will make you discover the hidden places of Seoul.

You can start the tour by going to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a unique place that will make you feel like you are on another planet.

Then, you can have a walk in The Independent Park, made in memory of Korean soldiers who died protecting the Gyeongbokgung palace from the Japanese invasion.
Besides, you can visit the Seoul City Wall Museum or walk along the Fortress Wall which follows the hills of the four main mountains surrounding the center of Seoul. From there, you can enjoy a remarkable view of the capital and these mountains.

seoul private tours city tour

For lovers of art, the Ihwa Mural Village is a great surprise. This area is the heart of street art. You can see unique paintings in every corner of the district.


Moreover, you can have a break in a traditional tea house, which was owned by a famous Korean writer. Just relax and drink tea enjoying the charming atmosphere.

If you want to take more advantage of the Korean environment, the Secret Valley or the Mountain temple are peaceful places and will be perfect to complete your tour.

Discover the hidden places of Seoul here.


This article was an introduction to 5 of One Day Korea Tours in Seoul. You can check out our different private tours on our website OneDay Korea. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, we will be happy to reply and create the best itinerary for you 🙂


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