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Well, as a traveler, it is probably unusual to visit places at night, you would say, but Korea is an exception. If you are looking for a glimpse into Korea’s nightlife, you will be surprised. If in daylight you have a lot of touristic places to visit, it goes the same at Night. As it is part of their culture, Koreans go out more at night than in the day. You will get to experience the Korean night culture with various activities and a wide choice of food. The decision is yours!!

When nighttime comes, Seoul is undoubtedly the city who has the most to offer when it comes to downtown activities. Tons of people can still be seen strolling around the town past midnight to harbor the street, shop and more. Among these activities, you can find late opened market like Dongdaemun market for late night shopping, meanwhile for young people, Hongik University surroundings and facilities is a better choice.

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On the other hand, for those who wishes to withstand some fabulous Seoul night view attractions,  you can go and see the N Seoul Tower from the bottom of the tower or go directly up to its observatory to see the whole view of Seoul from above. If you have time you can plan your night and wait in building 63 to enjoy a glimpse of the capital falling into darkness. An absolute attraction not to miss is the never-fading celebrity Banpo Bridge. The magical yet fairy like bridge whose rainbow-coloured show reflect a truly beautiful and enjoyable show to share with your family or friends. It is also a romantic show for couples to enjoy at night. A unique attraction you might not get the chance to see if you don’t visit Korea at the right time is the Changdeokgung palace and its enlightened secret garden. Only available from September to October, no visit to Seoul would be complete without a walk around one of the city’s five great palaces. Changdeokgung is renowned for its most traditional and authentic features among the 5’s great palace. As amazing as the palace is in the daylight, the monument looks even more magical and stunning in the night time, where you can wander around it under the moonlight.

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Well, one may also find attractions and restaurants that open at night in most other big cities like Daegu, Gyeongju or Cheongdo. Each city has its highlight; Gyeongju has its Banwolseong Fortress, and Wolji Pond whereas Daegu is famous for its modern nighttime cityscape. Finally, in Cheongdo province, you will find enlightened land at night.

So why don’t you come and visit these charming cities with our night tour packages? Seoul night view is awaiting for you!

For your information;

Daegu is 3 hours away by car from Seoul, Gyeongju is 4 hours away, and Cheongdo is 3 hours and a half away.

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