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K-drama: Top 32 filming locations to visit Part 2

In the first part of this article “Part 1“, we detailed the filming locations of several popular dramas, but here, we have compiled some of the most famous shooting spots that welcomed numerous dramas.

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The Art of Taekwondo | Free Taekwondo Classes

The Art of Taekwondo | Free Taekwondo Classes What is Taekwondo? Taekwondo (Korean: 태관도) is a Korean form of martial art, focusing on fast jumping and spinning kicks. The name derived from the Korean word “Tae”, which means foot, “Kwon”, meaning fist and lastly “Do” which […]

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10 reasons to visit south korea

10 Reasons to Visit South Korea

10 Reasons to Visit South Korea 1. Tradition vs Modernity Is there any other place in the world that has its antique royal palaces standing right next to urban skyscrapers? Probably not. As Korea has developed in enormous speed, Seoul boosts with brand new sky […]

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things to see in seoul

The 10 Best Things to See in Seoul

The 10 Best Things to See in Seoul Our top 10 Must-See’s 1. Namsan Seoul Tower Standing at almost 480m above sea level, the Namsan Seoul Tower is the highest viewpoint in Seoul. It is a symbol of the city and something that you should […]

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10 Best Korea Tours

10 Best Korea Tours: The TOP 10 tours to join in South Korea   1. Fly in the Sky – Paragliding in Danyang Perched by the lake, surrounded by three national parks and with caves and temples scattered all over, Danyang is considered North Chungcheong’s […]

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3 Days Seoul Trip Itinerary: What to Do in Seoul for 36 Hours

Ultimate Travel Guide for Free and Easy in Korea Seoul is the latest hot spot in Asia. With Korean music and fashion taking over the world, the number of visitors has doubled in the last few years. The modern metropolis with over 11 million habitants […]

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