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Private Tour Korea | Why choose Oneday Korea?

1. It’s all about YOU

When booking with us, you won’t get a standardized tour package for ordinary tourists. We adapt the schedule and itinerary to perfectly fit your needs and wants. If you have special interests or want to stay longer in a certain place, no problem. If you have some dietary restriction, we are happy to look for the best restaurants for you. Normal package tours provide you with a strict schedule and barely any freedom – We want to provide you with the most comfortable, interesting and fun experience by adapting everything to YOU.

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? YOU are the most important part of this trip!

2. Transparency

Some tour agency refuse to show their itineraries and prices online, which we believe is not fair towards you. Our prices are 100% the ones as stated on our website without any hidden costs. You can directly see what is included in our tours and what to expect from the itinerary. This will not only save you from hidden surprises and disappointments but also save you much time and money.

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? Clarity and no hidden costs!

 3. Longer Tour hours

We completely understand that you are a busy tourist who wants to see as much as possible of Korea. This can be challenging, especially when you want to explore the East Coast, Busan or other distant gems. No other tour agency will bring you all the way to Busan and back to Seoul in just 1 day. They will try to get you to book a 2 day package with them and make more profit instead of prioritizing your schedule. Our biggest priority is to fulfill your wishes and make you happy. That’s why we decided to just do it and make it possible for you! We are the only tour operator in Korea that offers trips to Busan, Samcheok, Gyeongju etc in 1 day.

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? We make the most out of your time!

4. Best Prices

If you think private tours are too pricey, think again. We offer a wide variety of tours at extremely low prices. Have a look:

A Taxi ride to Busan costs 800$ return. This includes a normal sized Korean taxi, where only 2 people have enough space.

Let’s say you are a group of 4 people wanting to go to Busan. You can either spend the ride in an uncomfortable and small taxi with a driver who likely doesn’t speak a word of English or join or private tour at a lower price. For 4 people, our private tour from Seoul to Busan costs 159$ per person and 636$ in total, which is considerably cheaper than the taxi. Besides a comfortable and big sized-van, you will have an English-speaking driver who knows his way around Busan, brings to the best spots and in the evening gets you back to Seoul safely. How does that sound?

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? Safe money on your trip!

5. Most Touring Experience

Oneday Korea is a successful tour operator, offering over 200 tours throughout the whole country. Our tour guides are highly qualified and our agency is an approved tour operator by the Korean government. Obviously, we hold a business license (Unlike many other “tour agencies”) and have won the Award for being the Best Tour Operator in December 2016. You are in good hands when booking with us 🙂

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? Best Tour Agency Award 2016/2017

6. Insider Knowledge

In order to provide you with the most authentic tour experience, all of our guides are locals who know the tour areas very well. They are Korean Native speakers and can assist you with getting around in Korea in any way or do some translation for you (For instance if you suddenly want to purchase something and want to bargain with the sellers). Tourists are often victim to fraud and forced to pay much higher prices than locals. With our tour guide by your side, this will never happen. You can also find spots that are popular amongst locals instead of following the mass of tourists. Our tour guide can also tell you where to buy unique souvenirs or where to go out in the evenings. Ask us anything!

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us?
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? Our local experts know their way!

 7. Uniqueness

When creating our over 200 tours, we always aim at differentiating ourselves from our competitors. The result is a wide variety of exclusive tours to cater each individual’s needs. We offer K-Pop Trainee Experiences, special food tours, history tours, hiking tours, hanbok photoshoots and much more. Whatever you want to do in Korea – you can be sure to find a tour for it with us. Our specialty is discovering hidden tracks and going routes which other tour operators have not discovered yet. And if you have some other extraordinary wish – please send us an e-mail and we will do anything to fulfill it!

Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? We offer a variety of unique tours – such as a Paragliding Tour!


 8. Positive Feedback

Last but not least, the most convincing and honest reflection of a tour is always the feedback of other customers. Luckily, we don’t have anything to hide and are proud of having made so many customers happy. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor and our website to convince yourself 🙂


Private Tour Korea
Private Tour Korea | Why choose us? Check out our Certificates and Reviews!


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