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The 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul

 Our TOP 10 Must-Do’s:

1. Eat Fresh Street Food

Korean street food is as delicious as it is adventurous. You will find a variety of freshly cooked treats at almost every street corner. Ranging from  bean-filled, fish-shaped breads over spicy rice cakes to intestine sausages and seafood you might have never seen. Korean street food is heaven for those who are not afraid to try new food. Once you found your favorites, you might find yourself soon visiting the friendly ahjumma’s food stand several times a day because the food is so irresistible.

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Eat, eat, eat!

2. Wear Hanbok, the traditional Korean costume

Hanbok is the traditional costume of Korea as it was worn in former times. The colorful dresses and gowns are considered to be especially beautiful and they are not only reserved for Koreans to wear! You can pick up your favorite Hanbok from a rental shop, get your hair done there as well and you are ready to explore the city in a Hanbok! It is a special experience wearing Hanbok while visiting ancient places such as the Hanok villages and Royal palaces. If you want to keep those memories, you can even do a professional Hanbok Photo Shoot there!

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Hanbok, Korea’s traditional costume

3. Discover Real Life Gangnam Style

Gangnam has been in the spotlight of the world ever since Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. Can you believe that song came out in 2012? It is now at almost 3 billion views! In Gangnam district in Seoul, you can get behind the real meaning of the song, which actually makes fun of the decadent and luxurious lifestyle of those that live in the expensive area. People are well-dressed and ready to party and spend money. If you go there, see if you can understand what inspired Psy to write this song!

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: legendary Gangnam


4. Enjoy the sunset on a Han River Cruise

Han river is the symbol of Seoul. The majestic river flows through the whole city, dividing it almost equally into 2 parts. Many Koreans flock to Han river on a nice summer evening to enjoy the great view and eat Chimaek (Chicken and Beer). When the sun sets, the view on illuminated skyscrapers is exceptionally beautiful. The best way to enjoy this view is by a cruise on the Han River. If you want to surprise your significant other, you might even have a romantic dinner on the cruise boat. This is a popular spot for proposals;)

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Korea
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: A cruise on stunning Han River


5. Visit a theme cafe

We all have heard of cat or dog cafes spreading around Asia and the same goes for South Korea. However, Seoul takes theme-cafes to a whole different level. “Normal” coffee shops in Seoul already burst with beautiful and stylish interior. But some have adapted truly unique concepts which will turn your cappuccino into a great experience. Just to give you a taste: How about petting sheep or raccoons, build lego or do origami, trying on princess dresses or Hanboks all while sipping your Green Tea Latte? There are also cafes dedicated to Charlie Brown, Hello Kitty, Sherlock, Horror movie dolls, the famous Kakaotalk/Line Friends and much more!

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seoul cafe
The 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: On a rainy day you can spend hours in unique cafes!


6. An exciting day at Everland

Everland is the biggest and most visited amusement park in Korea (The 14th most visited worldwide). It features the steepest and fastest rollercoaster and also the first rollercoaster which is entirely build from wood. Next to thrilling rides, the park also includes a zoo, water park, European village and much more. It is easy to spend a whole day or 2 here!

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Everland Discounted Ticket
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: A day packed with action in Everland


7. Shop til You Drop in Myeongdong

Myeongdong is the primary shopping district in Korea. Here, you will find every brand and every shop you can wish for – several times on the same street. Myeongdong can be truly overwhelming for first-timers and you can easily spend days (and a lot of money) here. However, most shops offer great deals and immediate tax refund exclusively for foreigners, so get your passport ready and grab some deals!

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Korea
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Myeongdong is Heaven for Shopaholics


8. A Night to Remember

Vibrant Seoul’s is famous for being one of the best places in the world to enjoy the nightlife. It truly is a city that never sleeps and Koreans are well-known for being able to party all night long. Countless fantastic clubs cater every music preference and attract locals and foreigners alike. “Octagon” in Gangnam has been voted one of the 10 best clubs in the world and many famous stars (such as G Dragon) have been spotted here. In Seoul, there are 3 main areas of Clubbing, which are Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam. However, exciting bars can be found basically everywhere! The possibilities are endless and there is no way of experiencing all parts of Seoul’s night life, even after living here for years.

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Korea
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Seoul is the best spot for night owls

9. Meet the Locals

Koreans might seem hard to approach at first. But once you get to know them better, they are the friendliest and kind-hearted people on the planet! For short-term visitors, it can be quite difficult to get to know “real” Koreans and get an insight into their life. However, meeting local Koreans is the best way to get to know the country, so keep on trying to interact with them:)

Hanbok experience
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Meeting locals and get closer to Korean culture


10. DMZ

Doesn’t it sound exciting to glimpse on the most secretive country in the world? This is your chance! During a day trip from Seoul you can visit the DMZ, which is a “neutral” zone at the border of North and South Korea. You will see Dorasan Station, which aimed at connecting Korea to Europe via the Siberian Railway but was cancelled due to the separation of the countries, as well as Dora Observatory, where you can see North Korea’s “empty village”, which was built for propaganda reasons only but has no inhabitants. As this is the most heavily guarded border in the world, special precautions are taken and you can only visit the DMZ with a licensed tour agency.

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the 10 Best Things to Do in Korea
the 10 Best Things to Do in Seoul: Only here can you glimpse into North Korea!


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