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Maybe you already heard about this, maybe it is all new you for you: the themed cafes. It is a unique place where the menus, the decoration, the atmosphere is inspired by a concept.

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  • Cat Cafe/Dog cafe

Maybe it is one of the most well-known type of themed cafe. It is a cafe where you can sip your drink while petting cats or dogs, depending on the type of cafe you are (a cafe with cats AND dogs does not exist… Yet?). Usually, the cafe is clean and smells good. You have to follow some basic rules about what you can do or not with the animals, to be sure that they are well treated, and you can buy some snacks for them. If you want to be surrounded by cute dogs or cats, this is the best mean! Drinks are a bit more expensive than in a traditional cafe but it worth it, to spend some times with dogs or cats.

themed cafes

themed cafes


  • Harry Potter cafe

If you are a Potter Head, this cafe is for you! Located in Gyeongsang (in the south of the peninsula), it is a sanctuary for every Harry Potter fans. Named Hogsmeade, this cozy cafe is a perfect place to enjoy its drink in a wizarding atmosphere. You can even try the famous butter beer!

themed cafes


  • 221B in Seoul

Have you already heard about the 221B Baker Street? It is where the famous detective Sherlock Holmes lives in London. This Sherlock Holmes themed cafe gets its inspiration directly from the successful British TV show, Sherlock.

themed cafes


  • Hello Kitty cafe

Korean love cute things. The cute Japanese character, Hello Kitty has her own cafe, two in Seoul (Myeongdong and Hongdae) and one in Jeju Island. If you need a breath of cuteness, this cafe is the one you need!

themed cafes


  • Poop Cafe (또옹카페)

I think, this is one of the funniest cafes you could come across in Korea. The poop cafe, located in Insadong, is a place where you can enjoy your drink in a shaped-toilet cup or shaped-poop cake. It is not disgusting or anything, it is even cute! In the cafe, you will find poop soft toy, poop drawn on the wall… A poop world!

themed cafes



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