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Sheep Cafe

You must have already heard of (or been to) cat cafes, dog cafes, and even owl cafes, but did you ever hear about a sheep cafe? Certainly not, because no matter how you look at it, it does sound like a weird combination. But the real thing proved us wrong!

The Thanks Nature Cafe in Seoul is the first cafe to invite its customers to interact with the free-roaming sheep while enjoying various coffee drinks. Friendly and approachable, the sheep will let you feed them and stroke their fluffy white fur, making for a great photo opportunity, and unique memories. Thanks Nature Cafe has become even more popular in 2015 since it is the year of the sheep!

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Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Cafe Tour

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Korea Tour Package

How to get there:

Go out the Exit 9 at Hongik University Line 2. Take a left up the hill at the first intersection you come to. Keep walking up the hill towards Hongik University’s main gate. Thanks Nature Cafe is located in a basement on the left side of the street, near the top of the hill. Make sure you look down!



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