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Dreaming Camera Cafe

Dreaming Camera Cafe   There is a family in Korea that loves cameras and photography so much that they build this amazing model of a vintage Rolleiflex camera right next to their family home located in a quiet field East of Seoul. But what’s even […]

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Unique Cafe in Seoul : Banana Tree

Koreans have so many interesting ideas on making their cafe unique enough. “Banana Tree” cafe is one of them. In addition to cafe’s cutesy and unique interior, the menu is also as unique as the cafe itself. While there are many things to choose from, […]

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Sheep Cafe in Korea

Sheep Cafe You must have already heard of (or been to) cat cafes, dog cafes, and even owl cafes, but did you ever hear about a sheep cafe? Certainly not, because no matter how you look at it, it does sound like a weird combination. […]

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