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Have you ever heard about the legendary song ‘Gangnam Style’ from the Korean singer Psy?

I am pretty sure though that half of the planet already listened to it at least once!

Gangnam is known to be the richest area of Seoul, housing a lot of celebrities in its neighborhood. If you are lucky,  you may be able to spot them enjoying some patbingsu, or do some jogging. The nightlife in there is also quite noisy even if Hongdae and Sinchon are way more chaotic. Unsurprisingly, most of the residents are either Korean movie star, singers, upper-class Korean teenagers and young adults.

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K-star road

Gangnam or “south of the river”, is a district including all of Seoul south of the Han River. Before it became a hipper area, it was just a place with rice fields coupled with some temple here and there. Gangnam began to develop only around 1988 along with the Olympics games and has ever since been identify as an expensive real estate area. In this new wealthy district, you can find a fancy and fashion conscious style, reason, why it is quote as an upmarket shopping. You can also go party in fancy neighborhoods like Apgujeong or Cheongdam! If you want to go shopping for a cheap price you can still go to the Gangnam underground station, the busiest station in the country,  where mostly everything cost around 5000~20 000.

Garosugil, Fashion Street in Gangnam Seoul

Entrance of Gangnam Subway
Entrance of  Subway

If Gangnam may lack old monument and heritage from Korea’s history, it is nonetheless not entirely empty of tradition. Indeed, it is housing one of Seoul’s most impressive temple: Bongeun-sa and also the late tomb of old rulers of the previous dynasty of Korea’s history ( Seonjong).

gangnam 2
Boneungsa temple


That being said, its principal attractions are mainly the giant theme park Lotte World, the massive Olympic Park, and Samsung D’light that gain tourist favors.

Gangnam also has a lot of skyscrapers making the business Avenue look like a vast forest made of huge buildings. It is often nicknamed as “Tehrano Valley” taking after Silicon Valley since most of Korea’s hi-tech companies are headquartered here such as Naver or the giant Samsung. Last but not least, it is also a place renowned for its numerous surgery clinic notorious around Asia for its quality.

Gangnam genuinely emphasizes the modern and high-tech country Korea has become over these past 60 years!

Overall, Gangnam is a destination featuring a lot of different cultural aspects of Korea, even If some may be less attractive. Gangnam is the vision of a modern, shiny and new metropolis. It’s a  different district showcasing another side of what Seoul have been proposing until then; it is a strong view of the upper-middle class, a delicious and fancy side of one of the most influential district of the Capital!


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