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K-pop has exploded over the last few years and is now popular all over the world. Whether you enjoy listening to Big Bang, Monsta X or Hyuna from time to time, or you are a hardcore BTS fan, OnedayKorea compiled for you the best places to visit if you like Kpop.


The perfect day for ARMY


Before they became the international phenomenon that they are today, the members of BTS practiced hard day and night, in the – now former – Big Hit Entertainment Building. This building, located in Gangnam, has its walls filled with messages of love and support left by fans from all over the world.


When they hadn’t debuted yet, and they were still training hard until late at night, the members of BTS used to recharge at Yoojung Sikdang, a small family Korean restaurant. The owner is still very proud of the group and doesn’t hide it at all: the whole place is filled with BTS posters, goodies, and the members’ signatures.


Tata, Koya, RJ, Shooky, Chimmy, Mang and Cooky; those names must ring a bell to ARMY. The cute characters created by BTS have their own goodies in the BT21 section of the Line Store in Myeongdong and Itaewon. Fans will be delighted to find pillows, cups, clothes and other accessories of their favorite BT21 characters.


When they want to relax when they are in Seoul, Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jin, V, J-Hope and Jimin have two favorite cafes where they hang out. The first one, The Min’s, was opened by fellow idol Changmin of 2AM and offers organic fruit juices and other delicious drinks. In the second one, the members actually have their own drinks that they created on Run BTS. In &Gather Cafe, you can try Jin’s Rosie Latte or Jimin’s creamy Latte while enjoying the trendy vibes of the place.


If you want to recreate BTS iconic music videos and photoshoot, there are three perfect places in Seoul (or nearby) to do so. BTS filmed a part of their music video of Spring Day Iryeong Station, an abandoned train station not far from Seoul; notably, the moment where V gently puts his head against the tracks while snow falls all around him. You can also do your own Love Yourself photoshoot at the Sinchon iZone Pop Arcade that was used as the background of BTS’s 3rd album which featured their famous song DNA. ARMY will enjoy taking pictures and using the various gaming facilities as BTS did. Last but not least, BTS fans will love to visit the SNU Abandoned Swimming Pool, where BTS filmed their On Stage Prologue MV in 2015.

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An itinerary for EXO-L


EXO is the Nation’s pick and there’s a reason why: these talented nine men have made a name for themselves in the K-pop industry for several years now and their achievements can be admired through their many awards at the COEX Artium SMTOWN.


Sehun is known for his sweet tooth and especially for his love of Bubble Tea. His favorite boba joint when he was a trainee was Cofioca, a small Bubble Tea café, located in the neighborhood of Sinsadong. Apart from Sehun, a lot of other idols and trainees of SM come to get their Bubble Tea fix here, and you can see the signatures, small notes, drawings that all of these celebrities left on the walls.


Most EXO-L (if not all of them) have religiously watched EXO’s first reality show – EXO Showtime. The boys had fun teasing each other, and completing challenges. There is one episode where they all go to Hannam Bowling Centre, split into two teams, and have a punishment ready for the losing team. You can try with your friends, to see if you would have won against EXO.


Fans know how much Kai loves his sisters, that’s why he helped one of them to open her own café that she called – after her dear brother – Kamong Café. EXO-L will appreciate the cozy vibe and the delicious drinks and treats of this café, and the many, many cute drawings and notes Kai left on the walls. Some lucky fans even bumped into him and other EXO members when they were visiting.


Kai’s sister is not the only EXO’s family member that opened their restaurant or café: Chanyeol’s dad owns a restaurant called To Make A Good World that offers a wide range of western food and drinks. Chanyeol and his dad share a love for music, and the EXO’s member hung his first guitars and other pictures on the walls of the restaurant.


EXO is famous among Kpop stans and even idols for having quite hard and powerful dances and EXO-L will be delighted to see for themselves the building in which the members practice day and night to perfect their performances: SM Entertainment. Perhaps with some luck (and patience), you might see EXO or another SM idol sneak into the building.

Hallyu tour in Gangnam


A Seoul Tour for JYP fans


GOT7 and Twice are the pride of JYP Entertainment right now. Comeback after comeback, both groups provide the best content for their fans. Once and iGOT7 will be amazed to see the JYP Entertainment Building where the JPY groups practice hard to show their best at concerts and other performances. You can even enjoy a drink at the Soul Cup Café located on the ground floor of the building, while waiting to, maybe, see your favorite GOT7 or Twice member sneak into the building.


JYP and Dunkin Donuts have a long-lasting relationship: there has always been a Dunkin Donuts in front of the agency building, and when the JYP building was relocated, Dunkin Donuts followed. GOT7, Twice, Stray Kids, Day6, Itzy, and JYP trainees often head out in the café to get a nice drink and a donut, and you will find their autographs and pictures all over the walls.


GOT7 are known for their boasting and loud personalities and fans love them for it. In their famous show Got7ing aired on VLive, the group went to Elephant Bowling Center, located near Myeongdong, members split into two teams and got competitive (which means even louder and crazier than usual) to get the first place. You can try for yourself and see where you would have ranked among the seven members.


Twice has more than a few iconic music videos. There is one, in particular, that got them really popular in 2016: the upbeat song Cheer Up topped the charts and the music video got viewed more than 300 millions of times. In the video, Mina is seen walking under a beautiful cherry blossom tree lane on the river shores of Yangjaecheon. You can take a walk on this lovely trail and recreate for yourself the MV.


Blackpink in Seoul’s area


Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé have been training and practicing hard since they were teenagers, some of the members even moving out of their countries to fulfill their dreams in Korea. You can come to see the YG Entertainment building where Blackpink, but also other big groups such as Big Bang, Winner, Ikon, Sechskies and more, record songs, learn choreographies and perfect their performances for upcoming concerts or events.


Netizens always praised Blackpink members outfits and makeup, and Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie have all had their trending moments for their unique and fashionable style. YG created a makeup brand called Moonshot, that Blackpink uses regularly, the members even have their own lines. You can visit the Myeongdong store to try out for yourself all of the beautiful shades of lipsticks, blushes and more.


If any Blink is suddenly hungry in the neighborhood of Myeongdong, there is the perfect place where they can have a drink and a nice meal or treat while enjoying the work of Blackpink or other YG artists. YG Republique is a food complex housing a café called 3 Birds, a restaurant called 3 Geori Butchers Blue and a bar called K Pub. There is a small section with Blackpink’s and others YG idols’ goodies and merchandise.

Other Must-Visit places for Kpop fans in Seoul


Gangnam is the hub of Kpop in Seoul: the majority of the entertainment agencies have their headquarters in the neighborhood, if you wander in the streets of this area, you will find the building of YG Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and more.


In Gangnam, Kpop fans will also be happy to find K-star Road, a street decorated by GangnamDols, teddy bears sculptures representing some of their favorite Kpop groups: EXO, BTS, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and many more. Take a walk through Gangnam and discover the importance of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) with our Gangnam Hallyu Private Tour. 


Some places are just perfect for a photoshoot, and it is the case of a restaurant called Laundry Pizza. This trendy and unique pizza joint has been a favorite among idols for music video shootings, album jackets, and others. BTS, GOT7, IOI, Exid, Henry Lau, Key, and many others have been photographed here before enjoying a pizza: and you can do the same!


The Myeongdong Lotte Department Store has a special section for all Kpop fans: Lotte Duty-Free Star Avenue. On the walls of this indoor avenue, you will find the actual handprints of your favorite idols such as BTS, Twice, GOT7, EXO, 2PM, Super Junior and more. Fans can come to compare the size of their hand with their favorite idols’. On top of that, you can also have fun with the Mirror Zone where Hallyu stars make surprise appearances.


Day and night, the streets of Hongdae are filled with performers showing off their talents to the curious bystanders. Kpop stans will be happy to watch talented buskers singing or dancing to their favorite songs, as well as indie bands and other musicians showcasing their work. If while walking down the street of this youthful neighborhood you see a crowd, it’s definitely worth it to stop and enjoy the performance. Discover this youthful and trendy neighborhood with our Hongdae Tours.


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