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Oneday Korea has been the number one of ”Outdoor Activities in Seoul” since 2015 on TripAdvisor.

To help the travelers find the adventure activities in Korea, we always visit many unique places and try to find something new everyday.

Check-out the Best adventure activities in Korea below and you may find the perfect one that are suitable for you. Let’s challenging yourself!



Zip-line to Nami Island

Level: Easy

Available for: Weight 35-120 kg and Height 140-200 cm

Price range: KRW45,000 per per person (price during high season can be higher)

Operating date: Round of the year except bad weather, construction or yearly check

Nami Island is a half-moon shaped island located near Seoul, it takes 1.5 hours drive from Seoul. It became highly popular in 2002 after the broadcasting of the famous Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’, as its most romantic scenes such as the protagonists’ first kiss were shot on this particular island. Visitors can take the ferry or zip-line to this Island and enjoy the beautiful nature scenery here, When you ride the zip-line, you can enjoy the landscape on the Bukhan river. The zip-line offer 2 different course, you can let us know which option do you prefer, we will book it in advance.

Adventure Course
– Course Length: 640 meters
– Maximum Speed: 80 kph
– Duration: 1 min 20 secs

Family Course
– Course Length: 940 meters
– Maximum Speed: 30 – 40 kph
– Duration: 1 min 30 secs

Please note that Nami Island can be very very crowded and the zip-line must be booked in advance specifically in the high season Spring and Autumn because this Island is really famous!  This Island also is recommended for family or the people who love Korean romantic dramas only. Check-out our Nami Island Tour . Please contact us through our email before you want to book the tour with zip-line ride.

Zip-line to Nami Island
Zip-line to Nami Island




Zip-line ride in Jeongseon

Level: Easy

Available for: Weight 35-125 kg and Height 134-200 cm

Price range: KRW40,000 per per person

Operating date: Round of the year except bad weather, construction or yearly check

Jeongseon is a county located in Gangwon-do, South Korea, it takes about 3.5 hours drive from Seoul. It is famous for being the hometown of “Jeongseon Arirang”, a traditional Korean folk song. Not only the rich culture of Korean folk song, Jeongseon provide nature scenery and famous attractions, visitors can climb up Byeonbangchi Skywalk or ride the zip-line in the sky with backup mountains, you can observe a territory shaped like the Korean Peninsula enclosed by a river, Dong-gang. Check-out our One Day Leisure Sports in Jeongseon. Please contact us through our email before you want to book the tour with zip-line ride.

Zip Wire in Jeongseon
Zip Wire in Jeongseon




Canoeing through the rivers of Chuncheon Mulle-gil

Level: Easy

Available for: 3 years old or above

Price range: KRW30,000 for 2 people in one boat, additional adult KRW10,000 per person, additional children (age 4-13) KRW5,000 per person

Operating date: Round of the year except Tuesday, bad weather, construction or yearly check

Chuncheon Mulle-gil became famous because of Korea TV program Running man. The Chuncheon Mulle-gil is the perfect place for watersports and canoeing! To fully enjoy the beautiful spring or autumn weather, you should come here with your family or friends. This activities recommended for family with kids or couples, the course includes 10 minutes safety training, 1 hour canoeing and life vests. Checl-out our Korea Outdoor Activities: Canoe Tour

Canoeing through the rivers of Chuncheon Mulle-gil
Canoeing through the rivers of Chuncheon Mulle-gil




Sensational ATV ride

Level: Moderate

Available for: 8 years old or above

Price range: KRW30,000 per person

Operating date: Round of the year except bad weather

Just one and half hour escape from Seoul, you can enjoy an exciting day of off-road. The price includes safety training and 1 hour ride. For the ATV ride, children under 18 years old must ride an ATV with an adult. Check-out our Nami Island Tour

ATV ride
ATV ride





Everland T-Express ride

Level: Moderate

Available for: Height 130~195 cm

Price range: KRW37,000-56,000 per person

Operating date: Round of the year

For lovers of roller coaster, you must try the T-Express in Everland Amusement Park. Everland is among the top 15 amusement parks in the world by attendance. And it is definitely South Korea’s top entertainment attractions for both Koreans and visitors from all around the world. This amusement park offer T Express which is the 6th longest wooden coaster in the world, it takes 3 minutes and it is the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour at a 77-degree angle. The world’s superb wooden roller coaster will leave you with unforgettable memories that you can treasure forever.

Purchase Everland discounted ticket or transportation:

40% OFF Everland Ticket (Ticket only)
Everland Shuttle Bus Package (Shuttle bus + ticket)
Private van to Everland (Tickets are not included)




Water Sport

Level: Moderate

Available for: 11 years old or above

Price range: from KRW35,000 per person

Operating date: Summer period

Gather your friends for the most exciting and refreshing summer day in Seoul suburbs! You can enjoy unlimited blob jump, all kinds of water sports like Banana Boat rides, Pang Pang, Flying fish, Band Wagon and much more. No wonder this place is a favorite for Running man and Infinity Challenge! Please bring your own clothes, towels, sun block, shampoo and body shower gel. Check-out our Water Sport Tour






Level: Easy to Difficult

Available for: 6 years old or above

Operating date: Winter period

Winter is the coldest season. Extremely cold, dry, very low humid and sunny, average temperatures between -10℃ to 8℃, the temperature i  suburbs and Ski Resort are lower. Ski is one of the best activities to do in winter, Ski Resorts with its multitude of ski slopes, is a great destination for skiers of all abilities. The resort is located within a beautiful valley, and skiers can enjoy a panoramic view of the natural scenery while gliding down the slopes. Choose the ski lesson depending on your level, young kids under 6 years old can try the snow sled instead of ski. Check-out our One day Nami Island & Ski Private Tour





Trekking in the mountain

Level: Moderate to Difficult

Available for: 8 years old or above

Operating date: Winter period

Gangwon-do is a heaven for winter sports because it gets a lot of snow from December until March every year. You can tracking the snow with us in Seonjaryeong, the Baekdudaegan neungseongil (The trekking road) which is between Daegwallyeong and seonjaryeong offers the perfect vantage for winter trekking. Check-out our Winter Trekking Tour




Hiking in Bukhansan mountain in Seoul

Level: Moderate to Difficult

Available for: 8 years old or above

Operating date: Round of the year expect bad weather

Bukhansan National Park is very famous for its’ great views and often titled as one of the “Must-See” spots in Korea. It is located in the north of Seoul and it offers very good view and beautiful autumn scenery during autumn season. The National park itself is huge and offers a variety of hiking possibilities. Our hiking course which is about a 3 hours return trip and a total of 3.8kms, it is not very difficult but not easy. Read the Hiking experience and our Bukhansan Hiking Tour.

bukhansan mountain





Level: Difficult

Available for: 4 years to 70 years old

Operating date: Round of the year expect bad weather or strong wind, etc

Danyang offers two runways for paragliding: one on Mt. Yangbangsan and the other on Mt. Dusan. The first site is located close to downtown Danyang and offers a runway as well as a practice area where novices are given standard training before flying. Before feeling like a bird and enjoying the beautiful view from the sky, you must join the safety training. The course takes around 5 minutes and children’s protective gear and equipment available. Read the Paragliding experience and our Danyang Paragliding Tour

danyang paragliding






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