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The city of Chuncheon is located in Gangwon region, a province in the northwest of South Korea. It is also called “the city of the lake ” because it was built in the basin cross riding the Soyang River and Han River. Indeed, this city was a mountain town. But after the construction of several dams, Chuncheon eventually became the city ‘s lakefront. Chuncheon whose population amounts to about 278,000 inhabitants was ranked among the ten best cities in Korea, not only for the beauty of its landscape, but also because the city offers all the year round educational programs and welfare, and a quality cultural offer. As elsewhere in Korea, Chuncheon four seasons are the same- winters are cold, and the snow falls in abundance; the summers are hot and humid; finally springs and autumns are mild and pleasant with an almost always clear sky.

Weary travelers who want to escape from the crowds of Seoul and the atmosphere of the big cities, find in Chuncheon find the perfect place to spend a few days. Surrounded by hills and rivers, it offers the atmosphere of a quiet town where you can enjoy many outdoor activities.That is why the city of Chuncheon became a popular place to stay.

The city of Chuncheon is also well known for its gastronomy. You can taste the dak galbi ( 닭 갈비 ) a chicken dish and Makguksu ( 막국수 ) a plate of cold noodles. But one can also visit the city for the festival of mime or to its proximity to Nami Island where was filmed the famous romantic drama ” Winter Love Song”.

What to see in Chuncheon:

1. Nami Island


Among the islands near Chuncheon, Nami Island is the most famous, probably thanks to the romantic drama ” Winter Love Song” which was a success throughout Asia. You will easily fall in love with this small island where seasons change its scenery completely. And you can take a stroll in its tree alley quite picturesque.

Nami Island, Beautiful harmony nature with humanity

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2. Myeongdong Street

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The street dak galbi ( 닭 갈비 ) is in the Myeongdong district in the heart of downtown Chuncheon. The dak galbi is a traditional recipe from Chuncheon. The Makguksu is the perfect side dish to the dak galbi and one of the best dishes of Gangwon Province. In this street named exactly like one of the famous district of Seoul, you will find a neighborhood as alive as its brother. Be it restaurants, nightclubs, everything is there to spend a good time with your friends. The street has exactly 25 restaurants specializing in Dakgalbi, so you have the choice. While being there, you can also visit the Jung-ang market. With its nearly 300 shops, you will discover traditional costumes manufacturers, leather stores and more. Mural art&pictures are also dressing the streets of the market, making the stroll and discovery even more fun.

Dak Galbi : Chuncheon proud Korean dish specialty

3. Soyang Dam

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At the head of the Soyang River. The dam created Lake Soyang. Boat rides are available to go around the lake, and there is a boat ride that takes you to a hiking trail to see a Buddhist temple.

4. Cheongpyeongsa Temple

chuncheon 4

This Buddhist temple right on the track of Soyang Dam has a beautiful legend. Once upon a time a young man from a modest family madly in love with a beautiful princess, named Pyongyang. The emperor, furious, had the young man killed. But he was reborn as a snake, still so in love with the princess he never left. Nobody could separate the snake from the young Princess. She then went on a pilgrimage to the temple, spent the night there, and the next day bathed in the river. Then she created a ” gasa ” ( monk’s clothing ). Thanks to its virtue, the princess was free, and the snake soul could finally find peace. Therefore, the place where she took her bath was appointed Gongjutang, and the temple was rebuilt by the Emperor being grateful.

Overall, the path to Cheongpyongsa Temple is a lovely walkway surrounded by the woods and a clean valley.

5. Hiking

Chuncheon is in a valley surrounded by mountains. Ui Bong Mountain is a famous peak just north of Myeongdong ( Chuncheon Downtown) and located south of the Soyang River. The paths lead to the top from all sides of the mountain and offers a beautiful view of the city.

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