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Have you ever tasted the famous Korean Dak galbi (marinated chicken) grilled over hot coals? If not then you missed something.

Dak Galbi

Before : some explanation

The word “galbi” mean steak but can also mean marinated meat grilled. The So (beef) galbi and Dwaeji ( pork) galbi are soy sauce based ( lately, spicy recipes have become very trendy ), and Dak (chicken ) galbi is a dish with spicy sauce, even the go ( mackerel) galbi exist!

The story behind Dak Galbi

It is a local specialty food from Chuncheon. Behind this Korean dish, several stories exists, but we usually attribute the creation of the recipe to a certain Kim Yeong Seok, a restaurant owner from the 60s. He was specializing in pork in the city of Chuncheon. However with the pig crisis, pork supply became unstable, so he had to buy chickens instead of pork. He spread the flesh of chickens then let it marinated in the sauce he had previously prepared for its pork and made it grilled. Customers were conquered. The dak galbi has since become one of the best accompanying dishes along with alcohol. Chuncheon has even inscribed the origin of this dish in the city history.

Dak galbi : a cheap plate

Korean restaurant owners are proud of this Korean specialty dish as it is cheap but generous and tasty. Moreover, as it cooked with vegetables, it makes the dish even lighter and attractive regarding nutrition. It is less fat and high in protein. That’s the main reason why Korean students love it. Only requires low budget. Not only Koreans but foreigners particularly like this plate. It cost around 8.000 won per portion cheap right~

The meat has to marinate in the sauce for at least 7 to 8 hours then cooked in an oiled fried pan. In the plate, you will find sliced cabbage, sweet potatoes, sesame leaf, scallions, onions, some rice cakes and steamed rice dough. Then when it’s well cooked, it is better to have rice mixed with the garnitures and the meat as it is yummier!

You can also find many variations of the galbi base, here are some pictures just to make your mouth water 🙂 :

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  • So Galbi (Beef)

So galbi

  • Dwaeji Galbi (Pork)

Dwaeji Galbi

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  • Go Galbi (Mackerel)

Go Galbi


If you visit Korea, do not hesitate to try this typical yet yummy dish in the city where it originates! And for those who don’t like  spicy, you can just ask the owner to go easy on the pepper paste.


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