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Gyejoksan Mountain: Barefoot hiking at Red clay trail

Do you like hiking? Then why don’t you visit Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail? Located in Daejeon city, Gyejoksan is famous for its Barefoot hiking. Indeed when you see the mountain from the sky, it has the shape of a chicken’s feet. Therefore, the mountain […]

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A refreshing getaway in plain nature : Sokcho

High summer temperatures reach big step, and the air is so humid that Korean seek the best solution to stay cool. Our solution: a refreshing getaway in the Gangwon-do! Sokcho is located in the northeast of South Korea. It is a seaside town which has […]

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Chuncheon, the perfect city for a fresh start

The city of Chuncheon is located in Gangwon region, a province in the northwest of South Korea. It is also called “the city of the lake ” because it was built in the basin cross riding the Soyang River and Han River. Indeed, this city […]

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