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Do you like hiking? Then why don’t you visit Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail? Located in Daejeon city, Gyejoksan is famous for its Barefoot hiking. Indeed when you see the mountain from the sky, it has the shape of a chicken’s feet. Therefore, the mountain was named Gyejok which means chicken feet in Korean. The Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail is an eco-healing walking trail. This is the very first mountain to offer a barefoot walking theme. Rumor has it that stimulating your feet by walking on clay road would have positive health benefits such as preventing and healing diseases, and stress relieving.

In 2008, it was one of the ‘33 travel destinations to go back to’ report by travel journalists. Likewise, it was selected as ‘top 100 destinations Korean must visit’ by Korean tourism organization. In autumn, the mountain is bustling with hikers who come to enjoy the splendid landscape of Mount Gyejok.
Visitors can walk on Red clay and breathe in the fresh aroma of pine trees while enjoying a view of downtown Daejeon from Gyejoksanseong Fortress, built during the time of the Three Kingdoms. Moreover, the trail helps you restore the health of your body and soul and gives you a therapeutic yet unique experience.

Barefoot hiking

Barefoot Festival

Every year the Bare foot Festival is held at Mount Gyejoksan. Drawing a total of 5,000 participants including 600 foreigners from 40 countries. The Marathon has established itself as a major festival of Daejeon and is held every year in May. Barefoot Festival is an exclusive festival where participants can walk or run along the red clay trail while enjoying a cultural experience. This Festival includes Red Clay Trail Barefoot Walking (7km), Masai marathon (13km), forest music concert, dying experience, Nanta, and Eastern calligraphy performance etc.

Barefoot hiking

Forest music concert

Besides, you can enjoy the forest music concerts every weekend from April to October. This concert started since 2007. It is free and offers classic, musical, and humor altogether. Being organised by local liquor company makes these programs even more interesting. To contribute to local community by providing cultural activities.

Barefoot hiking

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