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High summer temperatures reach big step, and the air is so humid that Korean seek the best solution to stay cool. Our solution: a refreshing getaway in the Gangwon-do! Sokcho is located in the northeast of South Korea. It is a seaside town which has the distinction of being the foothills of Seoraksan National Park.

Located a few hours by bus from Seoul, Gangwon -do region, notably the Seoraksan National Park and the city of Sokcho not fail to fulfill their promise regarding scenery. Sokcho is one of those places for which both Korean and tourists dedicate a particular tenderness. This small town of 90,000 inhabitants has it all. Mountains ( and what a mountain! ), four beaches near the city center where you can go by foot from the center. A Daily market as alive as exotic, and a famous gastronomy ( fried chicken with sweet sauce, seafood, crabs and fish of all kinds ). But let’s not forget its beautiful lake. Finally, it has one of the friendliest and welcoming people of the country. One problem, in winter it’s cold here! And – 25 degrees are not uncommon …

Sokcho is a small fishing port quite charming, wedged between sea and mountains. It is also a gateway to Seoraksan and Naksansa Temple. Those who stop at the city can stroll along the port and stop in one of the many fish restaurants. Sometimes you can witness fisherman installing the net to attract squids at night. These squids will end for many, drying in the valleys of Seorak. This method of drying in the mountains allows the flesh to keep its flexibility.

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It also has several beaches and atypical area Abai, more commonly known Abai Village ( 아바이 ), whose left with North Korean footprint. After the Korean War, many North Koreans settled in this small neighborhood by the sea and named it Abai ( 아바이 ), which means “father” in the northern dialect. On arrival, you will find many seafood restaurants on both sides of the riverbank. Moreover, to move from side to side, you will need to pay 500 won and ride on a small pier located at the water’s edge.

In the streets, you will meet many Koreans with a white box in their hand, vaguely reminiscent of a cake box. It is a very famous chicken recipe from the region: ” Manseok talk gang Jeong ” ( 만석 닭강정 ). The chicken pieces are fried and flavored with a mid- sweet sauce, half spicy.


If you are a fan of nature then you shouldn’t miss Seoraksan National Park. On your way to the mountain, you will pass by many hiking trails. Notably the most famous among them: Ulsanbawi. Therefore you’ll have access to stunning views of the mountains and the sea. On your way up, you won’t miss the huge “Jwabul” : a Buddha statue. Once reaching the top, you will forget the painful ascension and just be captivated by the scenery.

Sokcho is one of our favorite destinations in South Korea and gets to see another side of this country. A real paradise for photo enthusiasts also, between sea and mountains. Read more: Things to do in Sokcho

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To go better avoid the train: you have to go up to Gangneung then take a bus, which takes at least 6 hours from Seoul. Since Seoul , the alternative is to take the train to Chuncheon ( Namchuncheon station ) and then a bus to Chuncheon.

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