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Sokcho (속초) is a city in Gangwon-do province of South Korea. It takes about 3 hours from Seoul by car and it is also a well-known gateway to nearby Seoraksan Mountain.

Sokcho had its own airport but the airport was closed prior to the opening of Yangyang International Airport. Yangyang International Airport handled its last flight on 1 November 2008, according to the Korea Airport Corporation but it re-opened on 16 July 2010. Yangyang International Airport hopes to see an increase in passengers during 2018 Winter Olympics.

Sokcho city attracts many foreigners and Korean every year, especially summer and autumn, not only because of Seoraksan Mountain, but also because of its fine fishery products, autumn leaves scenery and beach. Let’s check out what is the most important Things to do in Sokcho!

Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan National Park is always the subject of wonderful pictures as its natural scenery follows the season changes with either autumn-hued maple trees in Fall, intense green trees with some remains of snow in Spring and so on. The National Park is internationally recognized and preserved for its rare species such as the Asian Black Bear or the Edelweiss of the Alps. In fact, Seoraksan Mountain contains 1200 species of rare plants and over 100 species of rare animals.
In Seoraksan National Park, you will encounter several temples such as the Anrakarm temple, an elegant edifice featuring two waterfalls and an 800 year-old pine tree just 5 minutes away from Gwongeumseong. And also, the park spreads across 4 cities and counties, boasting a total of 3‎0 imposing peaks, Daecheong Peak being the highest one.

Visitors can ride the cable car and going from Seorak-dong to Gwongeumseong station. Around 10-min journey, you will see the wonderful scenery of Gwongeumseong Fortress. After arrival to Gwongeumseong station, you will standing at 670m above sea level to enjoy the mountain view.

Seoraksan national park


Sinheungsa Temple

Sinheungsa Temple built by Jajangyulsa (590~658), who traveled to famous mountains all over the nation, in Queen Jindeok’s (?~654) 6th year of reign. It is an ancient temple with deep historical significance and nature scenery.

Sinheungsa Temple


Sokcho Beach

Summer vacation in South Korea is often another round of stressful days.  Not only the students, many employees use their summer vacation days during late July, early August or middle of August. All the beaches in South Korea are crowded with endless stretches of colorful parasols. Sokcho Beach open all year round with the summer months being the most popular. Sokcho Beach offer clear water, white sand and the pine forest and the transportation is very convenient. Visitors can enjoy swim and sunset during summer in here!

The Sockcho Lighthouse Observatory located next to the Sokcho Beach, it is a good place to enjoy the scenery of Sokcho city and east sea.

Sokcho Beach


Daepo Port

Daepo Port is an outdoor fish market in Sokcho city. Visitors can choose and buy the freshest seafood and take it to the restaurant. It has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Sokcho city. Daepo port is filled with raw fish restaurants and a live fish market containing eel, flatfish, flounder, yellowtail, and plethora of other high-end seafood.

Daepo Port


Cheoksan Hot Springs

It’s hot springs water is famous to be beneficial for people with skin diseases, eye diseases, gastroenteric disorders, neuralgia and improve blood circulation. Cheoksan Oncheon Hot Spring closely located to the Seoraksan Mountains and admission fees is only KRW7,000 per person.

Cheoksan Hot Spring

Abai Village

It is the hometown to many people of North Korean ancestry. Abai meaning an aged person. Many elderly people fled to there from North Korea during the Korean War.
Abai Village are lined with small Korean houses reminding many of Seoul in the 1970s. This place became extremely popular because of the Korean drama ”Autumn in My Heart”, ”Autumn in My Heart” is a 2000 South Korean romantic drama, starring Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin. Nowadays, many Korean people come here to try the Abai Sundae, where they stuff a squid with a mixture of clear noodles, tofu, vegetables, and even squid.

Abai Village

Cheongchoho Lake

Cheongchoho Lake is in the center of the Sokcho city, and you can spot the lake easily from downtown Sokcho. The Expo Tower, Expo World and Expo Excursion Steamer is located near Cheongchoho Lake which were constructed for the 1999 Gangwon International Tourism Expo. Visitors can take a slow walk and refreshing the brain in here!
Cheongchoho Lake


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