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A refreshing getaway in plain nature : Sokcho

High summer temperatures reach big step, and the air is so humid that Korean seek the best solution to stay cool. Our solution: a refreshing getaway in the Gangwon-do! Sokcho is located in the northeast of South Korea. It is a seaside town which has […]

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Daegu, the unnoticed third largest city of Korea

There’s nothing to say. When we speak of Korea, we think of 2 cities: Seoul and Busan, the Korean equivalent of Paris and Marseille. But in between lies many cities. In Korea, it is the same. And even if named third largest city in South […]

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Woryeonggyo Bridge

  Woryeonggyo Bridge   The Woryeonggyo Bridge, which means “The shadow of the moon”, is the longest pedestrian overpass made of wood in Korea. The 387-meter-long bridge runs across the Andong Dam. Woryeong Bridge harbors a tragic yet beautiful legend about a wife who made […]

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