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Dosirak (‪도시락‬) means Korean packed lunch boxes, usually made with seaweed, kimchi, sausage, gochujang, egg and rice.

Korean lunch box culture


Actually ‪‎this‬ is a traditional culture in ‪‎Korea‬.
At the older generation, Korean parents prepare Dosirak for their children as they go to school. Children put their Dosirak on the charcoal burner and keep it warm until lunch time.
Nowadays, Dosirak is the childhood of many Koreans. You can find ‪#‎YennalDosirak‬ (‪#옛날도시락‬) in many Korean BBQ restaurant. Yennal (옛날) means the old days.

Korean Dosirak

Korean lunch box3

Korea lunch box culture
Dosirak taste good and not expensive. Try this and make your Korea trip unforgettable. Don’t forget to shake the lunch box before you eat!

Korean lunch box

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