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Noryangjin fish market is the largest seafood market in Korea. The official name is Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market. It is located just nearby Noryangjin Station(Subway line 1,9).

Noryangjin fish market is an ideal place for seafood lovers.

It is the best place in Seoul to get fresh seafood at an affordable price. There are many small shops on the side. You can find almost all crustaceans you want. If you can’t find it here, you probably will not be able to find it in Korea.

The market is open 24/24 hours. But during the auction, early in the morning, it’s particularly crowded. A lot of professional cookers, restaurant owners or food retailers come here to get the best products. Every morning they fight over the freshest fish and the most coveted pieces.

Noryangjin fish market

In Noryangjin, you can find everything from excellent seafood to bulk products. That’s the reason why you can buy fresh fish at a low price.

The most famous dish of this place is Hoe and Maeuntang. Hoe is the sliced raw fish and Maeuntang is spicy fish soup. The soup is made from bones and fish head. Of course, you can try other seafood easily such as sannakji(live octopus), shrimps, abalones, sea cucumber and king crap.

Actually, like a lot of food market in Korea, you can buy ingredients but also eat in the market. You just choose and buy fresh fish or crustaceans and go to the restaurant nearby. Hand them your catch and they will prepare it for you. The restaurant provides the place where you can eat but also some vegetable and sauce. So, you pay a little extra charge to eat there but still it’s not a big deal.

Noryangjin fish market

Even if it’s a busy place, seafood sellers are very friendly to foreign tourists. Noryangjin market is off the main tourist path. Through the use of gestures and calculators that show you the price, you should be able to purchase fresh seafood readily.Furthermore, prices are affordable so don’t be scared and be adventurous. \^0^/

Did this article interest you? If it did and you want to visit this atypical place, you can check the link to our tour below:

Food Tour at Noryangjin Fish Market

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