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Located in the Seoguipo area of Jeju Island , the Soesokkak estuary ( 쇠소깍 ) was originally called ” Soedun “.  Which actually means a coated beef. Indeed, it was only later that it became more widely known as ” Soesokkak “.  Composed of the following terms : ” Soe “, meaning ” cow ,” ” So” , refers to ” estuary ” , and finally ” Kkak ” means ” end boundary edge .” This estuary is not easy to find as a tourist destination. However it is good to try other things that the ones from the established routes to visit. You can visit the place in winter as there is not many people. Therefore you can enjoy this place in all its glory . Nature is extreme , it combines a pine forest , the sea and the volcanic sand.

Lined with cliffs of curious lava formations overhung by pine trees, soesokkak Estuary is a natural site. Here the water takes on the deep blue of the ocean. As the river and sea meet,  the scenery is very picturesque. Also, it is one of the best recreational spots on the island as visitors can do kayaking. But also other kinds of water activities. People have been crossing this estuary for hundreds of years by using flat wooden boats pulled by a long rope between the two banks.

Soesokkak estuary

It’s a small place, easy to navigate and well prepared for tourists. In high season , there is a wooden boat which allows to visit the estuary and venture into the river. Being on the south side of Mt. Hallasan, the area is also famous for its tangerines. As for its surroundings you will easily find Jusangjeolli Cliff, Jungmun Beach, Cheonjeyeon crater , etc … It is very well located !

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a date for couples, or just have some fun activities with your family. Moreover you can even hike the mount hallasan firstand then go finish your day at this estuary to enjoy pure nature and its beauty surroundings Jeju Island.

How to go to Soesokkak estuary from the Airport :

From Jeju International Airport, take a bus bound for the west coast of the island ( Seoilju 서 일주 ) and  get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal ( 제주 시외 버스 터미널 ) . Then take a bus to Namjo ( 남조 ) and get off at Hyodong Middle School ( 효돈 중학교 ) or Harye -ri ( 하례리 ) . Finally walk to the estuary Soesokkak ( 쇠소깍 ) for 20 minutes following the directions on the road.

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