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10 Things You Can Only Do in Korea

10 Things You Can Only Do in Korea   1. Go to North Korea for a day trip Yes, it is possible to have a glimpse inside North Korea for just a few hours!   Click here   2. Fight with strangers in mud Boryeong […]

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10 Best Things to do in Spring in Korea

10 Best Things to do in Spring in Korea Spring in Korea is considered the most beautiful time of the year. The harsh winter is over, the temperatures are perfect and the whole country is blooming. This is the best time to visit! Check out […]

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Sharing a secret place of Jeju island : Jeju Olle trail

Jeju Island, also called Jeju-do is the favorite holiday destination for Koreans. More known as the Island of the Gods or the island of Lovers or the island of Samdado referring to the 3 Treasure Island (volcanic rocks, women divers, and the wind). It is a […]

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Why Soesokkak Estuary is a charming place to explore?

Located in the Seoguipo area of Jeju Island , the Soesokkak estuary ( 쇠소깍 ) was originally called ” Soedun “.  Which actually means a coated beef. Indeed, it was only later that it became more widely known as ” Soesokkak “.  Composed of the […]

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Dol Hareubang: Jeju-do’ stone grandfather

“Dol hareubang” means literally “stone grandfather” in Jeju’s dialect. Although, those statues were not called this way initially. About the time of the restoration of independence, some inhabitants started to call them Dol hareubang. In the begging, in a joking way but in the end, […]

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Jeju Island

Jeju Island Jeju Island is Korea’s most southern region and is a volcanic island with a quite unique landscape. Situated on the southwest of South Jeolla Province,  Jeju became a separate province in 1946 and is now Korean’s favorite honeymoon and holiday destination as the […]

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