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Jeju Island, also called Jeju-do is the favorite holiday destination for Koreans. More known as the Island of the Gods or the island of Lovers or the island of Samdado referring to the 3 Treasure Island (volcanic rocks, women divers, and the wind). It is a volcanic island measuring 73 km from east to west and 31 km from north to south. Usually, when Koreans visit the island they usually go for its star attractions. But have you heard about Jeju Olle Trail?

Firstly what is the meaning Jeju Olle Trail? Olle is a term that refers to the path from the street to the door of a house.

The former Jeju Olle were created in 2007 on the initiative of a Korean woman after walking on the road to Compostela, had wanted to reproduce something similar in her home region, the island of Jeju. Gradually, the paths developed to arrive at training circuit making a full tour of the island with more than 400 kilometers of marked trails.

The purpose of Jeju Olle Trail is to give the opportunity for its visitors to enjoy beautiful scenery and tranquility of the island, apart from very few tourist resorts where tourists are concentrated. Likewise, it ‘s a wonderful way to discover Jeju.

Jeju Olle Trail

Jeju Olle Trail : Roads and tags

The roads are divided into 24 “routes” numbered in the direction of clockwise. Highway No. 1 starts in the eastern part of the island. However, as the roads are surrondig the island, one can start from anywhere.

The longest route is 23,1km long, and the shortest is 5km. Roads are classified into three levels of difficulty, but even the difficult level is quite accessible for someone in good physical condition. In general, there isn’t hard terrain.

Jeju Olle trails are very well marked. The main tags are orange and blue ribbons hanging on trees or electric poles. We also regularly find the arrows. The blue arrows indicate which are the main direction, the one that goes around the island in the direction of clockwise, and the orange arrows going in the other direction. Sometimes it’s a pony, symbol of Jeju Olle, who shows us the way.

Jeju Olle Trail

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