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The Gwangjang Market is the first traditional street market that has over 100 years of history in Korea. Gwangjang market is one of the largest and oldest traditional markets and is famous for its quality fabric, hand-made goods and street food. So, continues to thrive as a popular destination for foreign tourists.

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There is harmony Korea traditional culture and food in Gwangjang market.

If you are looking for a Korean cultural experience or Korean street food, you must visit The Gwangjang Market. Especially food, many international visitors frequently visit to taste traditional Korean food. There is a lot of Korean food, and you can choose what you want. One of the most famous food is bindaetteok(mung bean pancake). Fried in oil until it is golden brown, is made using mung beans, green onion and peppers. The smell and sight of preparing food are a great experience for you. Other foods easily found at inexpensive prices are bibimbap, kimbap, yukhoe(Korea beef tartare), tteokbokki, etc.

If you’re full, look around the second floor. You will find all sorts of textiles, quilts, and traditional Korea dress called Hanbok. These Fabrics are some of the largest and most famous in Seoul. All kinds of beautiful fabrics including silk, satin, and linens can be found easily here. And another side, there is many vintage shops. Especially popular with young people for its vintage clothing arcade. The vast selection of high-quality products at inexpensive prices makes it your shopping joyful although the products are no-name goods. It is possible for a person who have a good eye to get high-quality items or even designer labels at bargain prices.

Gwangjang market is the best choice if you want to experience Korean culture and food.

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