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The DMZ : Symbol of a divided Nation

Korea is surely the only country with such a marked division of its territory. The DMZ originates from the end of World War II, when the peninsula was split at the 38th parallel by the Soviet Union and the United States as they drove Japan […]

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Korea traditional markets

Korea traditional markets : unique places

Korea traditional markets¬†are hidden gems! Clothes, fabric, food, electronics stuff, no markets miss these products. Huge and most of the time crowded, these markets reflect well the local lifestyle of Koreans. They are often located in residential neighborhoods or also around grand palaces and historical […]

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Themed cafes: unique places to go in Korea

Maybe you already heard about this, maybe it is all new you for you: the themed cafes. It is a unique place where the menus, the decoration, the atmosphere is inspired by a concept. To visit those unique cafes, you can join our Seoul Instagram […]

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Muju Firefly Festival Tour Guide

Taking place from August 29th to September 6th in Korea‚Ĩ, the Muju Firefly Festival is organised to celebrate the beauty of fireflies and to raise awareness among people about recent environmental issues. It is located in the country side, and it boasts beautiful mountains and […]

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Dreaming Camera Cafe

Dreaming Camera Cafe   There is a family in Korea that loves cameras and photography so much that they build this amazing model of a vintage Rolleiflex camera right next to their family home located in a quiet field East of Seoul. But what’s even […]

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Unique Hotels in South Korea

All around the world and in every country, travelers can find unique hostels, inns or guesthouses. Of course, South Korea is no exception! A grape-shaped hotel beautifully blending in the natural landscape of Jeju Island, a hotel museum with quirk designed rooms facing the East […]

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