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All around the world and in every country, travelers can find unique hostels, inns or guesthouses.
Of course, South Korea is no exception! A grape-shaped hotel beautifully blending in the natural landscape of Jeju Island, a hotel museum with quirk designed rooms facing the East Sea in Gangneung‬, a hotel
village with mushroom houses or cubic pensions with horns and unique rocky interiors, a high-class traditional guesthouse, and many others…
Sleeping will be a totally new experience in those hotels!

Following their uniqueness, those hostels’ prices may be quite high, but let’s share it at least for the pleasure of the eyes.

Podo Hotel Pinx in Jeju Island

This Hotel situated on Jeju Island has been created by the renowned Korean-Japanese architect Itami Jun. The design of the rooms was inspired by Jeju traditional cottages which are known for their thatched roofs, and all of them are linked together making it look like the hotel is a huge bunch of grapes (‘podo‘ means ‘grape’ in Korean). The hotel blends well into the natural landscape of Jeju Island and customers are provided with water coming from the island’s first hot spring, which is said to be good to treat various physical disorders. The large bay windows, the natural garden, the small indoor waterfall and many other details are certain to make your stay a relaxing one!

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Unique Hotels in Korea

Unique Hotels in Korea

Haslla Museum Hotel, in Gangneung

Hassla Museum Hotel is perfect for art and seaside lovers! The hotel has been designed as a huge colourful piece of art, as all rooms were created with different concepts and has been decorated with artworks just like galleries. The rooms have been arranged in quite a particular way, as the beds are in the back while the bathtubs are placed in front of large windows which provide fantastic views of the East Sea. Customers can visit the basement gallery which features new exhibits every 15 days, as well as the neighboring sculpture park.

Unique Hotels in Korea

La Casa Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul

This “boutique hotel” located in Gangnam near the trendy Garosugil area provides great upscale accommodations. The design may not be totally out of the ordinary, but the minimalistic and elegant beauty of its rooms, lobby and furniture is still worth mentioning. The hotel provides standard rooms for solo travelers as well as beautiful suites and lofts with modern and chic decoration. The lobby was arranged to look like a cozy library, and the hotel provides many other convenient services such as a fitness center and restaurant.

Unique Hotels in Korea - La Casa Hotel

Sancheong Hanbang Resort

Located in Gyeongsangnam Province, Sancheong Hanbang is a particularly-looking village with strange mushroom-shaped houses. In fact, the region is known for being the birthplace of a legendary doctor of traditional Korean medicine, and the resort is specialized in herbal medicine services. It provides herbal baths and red clays saunas to its visitors, which is particularly good for the body. The mushroom houses were built with locally harvested red clay and wood, and blend quite well in the surrounding scenery.

Unique Hotels in Korea - Sancheong Hanbang Resort

Rock it Suda, in Jeongseon

Rock it Suda is perfect for mountains and rock lovers! Located among the mountains and in front of a river in Jeongseon County, Rock it Suda provides travelers with 6 unique houses. While one looks like a bull, another is shaped like a Ferrari. Not only the exteriors are unique, but also each house’s interior which are decorated with vibrant colors as well as large mosaic windows and ‘tails’ which can be used as observatories. As the pension’s owner is part of a rock band, he provides visitors with guitar lessons and the café regularly features live performances.

Unique Hotels in Korea

Korean Traditional Guesthouse ‘Kundaemunjip”, in Seoul

Located in the beautiful Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Kundaemunjip is a beautiful traditional Korean house providing visitors with great services and a relaxing atmosphere. In this large hanok, customers can sleep on Korean traditional beddings and enjoy traditional games in the courtyard. Other culture experience classes and events are regularly held in the house. If you want to have a more historical experience in Seoul but still be able to visit the city’s landmarks easily, this one is perfect as it is conveniently located near famous places such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insadong or Cheonggyecheon stream.

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Unique Hotels in Korea - Kundaemunjip


Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht, in Gangneung

The Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht is the world’s first on-land cruise themed resort. Located on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin, a popular tourist destination known for having one of the best sunrise sceneries in ‪‎Korea‬, the themed resort gives the impression that a cruise ship has run aground. The unusual design of the resort, the relaxing sound of the waves and the amazing view on the East Sea’s refreshing horizon are all special elements that make the guests enjoy a fresh and peaceful retreat and take back wonderful memories at the end of their stay.

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Unique Hotels in Korea - Sun Cruise Resort


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