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Taking place from August 29th to September 6th in Korea‬, the Muju Firefly Festival is organised to celebrate the beauty of fireflies and to raise awareness among people about recent environmental issues. It is located in the country side, and it boasts beautiful mountains and pristine valleys. The citizens try to maintain clean in order to protect the glowing insects.

It takes place at the habitat for fireflies. This festival features beautiful illuminations, fireworks and cute lanterns. It also has hands-on activities such as environmental exploration during which visitors will be able to witness the fireflies in their natural habitat. Festival-goers can also try to catch trouts with their bare hands at the water stream, or attend several of the numerous cultural events such as dance troupes or martial arts performances.

Thanks to its natural environment, Muju is a really nice place to go hiking in the beautiful mountains and valleys. So if you’re going there, do not miss it!

How to get there:

Take an intercity bus from Seoul‬ Nambu Bus Terminal (subway line 3) to Muju‬ Intercity Bus Terminal


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Muju Firefly Festival Tour

Muju Firefly Festival

Muju Firefly Festival Tour Guide

Muju Firefly Festival

Muju Firefly Festival

Muju Firefly Festival

Muju Firefly Festival

Muju Firefly Festival

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