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Korea Summer Program | Study Trip

SUMMER ABROAD IN KOREA Cultural and Language Exchange Program | Study Trip How about spending your vacation in a foreign country? Join our Korea summer program and have the most exciting summer of your life! Seoul is the new hot spot in Asia and K-Pop […]

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Make your own Korean style lunch box : Tongin market

If you get hungry during your excursion to Seochon, you should head to Tongin Market for Dosirak (Korean style lunchbox). Built in 1941, unlike other traditional markets Tongin opened unique food cafe since 2012. It offers a unique experience for visitors to exchange money into […]

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Seoulite night life : Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

Bamdokkaebi Night Market started last October 2015. It is a new type cultural festival that combines foodtrucks, handmade products and interesting performances. ‘Bam’ means Night in Korean, ‘dokkaebi’ means Goblin. Just like a goblin that appears in the night and disappears in the day, the […]

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Descendants of the sun: A first in Korea

Plot story: The show mostly happens in a fictitious island abroad named Uruk where a Special Forces captain played by Song Joong-Ki is teared up between keeping the peace for its country & the world, and its love relation with an army surgeon played by […]

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Termeden Spa Resort : Go on a relaxing journey

Do you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, why don’t you head off to Termeden hot springs to cool down and just relax? A spa weekend is a perfect way to discover more about Korean culture! Termeden, a […]

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The DMZ : Symbol of a divided Nation

Korea is surely the only country with such a marked division of its territory. The DMZ originates from the end of World War II, when the peninsula was split at the 38th parallel by the Soviet Union and the United States as they drove Japan […]

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