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Do you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, why don’t you head off to Termeden hot springs to cool down and just relax?

A spa weekend is a perfect way to discover more about Korean culture!

termeden spa
Spa Resort

Termeden, a special place…

Located in a remote suburb called Icheon, an hour away South drive from Seoul, Termeden is renowned for being the first resort to have been influenced and inspired by Germany’s spa culture. Unlike Japanese-style spas, containing mainly hot baths, Germans style spas focus more on water massages.
The name “termeden” comes from the words “terme” and “eden” meaning spa and paradise. Well, this paradise might seem fit exclusively for stressed-out people, but in fact, the complex is very family-friendly but also couple like and own children’s pool space as well as an outdoor mountain-themed slide to encourage kids to play.
As it is German spa style inspired, the pools were designed with underwater massage jets to stimulate one’s body.

Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, Termeden’s big attractions are its indoor and open air pools, popular especially during winter. Its hot tubs, and its traditional Korean style sauna with its original structure. It also has herb-bath varieties such as lemon, cherry, and green tea. Apart from this attractions, the water park own a hot spring spa, arcades, a cultural hall, a food court, fitness center and a juice bar and various other subsidiary facilities.
While enjoying the spa and its surroundings, visitors can walk, swim, or exercise in the stream water pool measuring 120 cm. Then they can take a stroll in the near forest.

termeden spa resort
Spa Resort

Termeden recommends various specific bath programs. Like “warming up course”, the “refreshing course” and the “fat reduction course.” Each of these courses is for people who feel sleepy, stressed, or overweight. There was also the “doctor fish” attraction, supposedly consuming dead skin of its bathers but unfortunately it has closed.

termeden spa resort
Spa Resort

The complex has a big project for the future. It plans to expand into a multi-resort one, adding to its facilities: a hotel, an arboretum, a golf driving range, horseback riding, and condominium facilities.
Termeden may not be as available as your nearby Jim Jil Bang. Nonetheless, it is a place worth trying.

Some tips when you go to Termeden :

  • You need to bring your swimsuits, shampoo and towel or it will be additional cost.
  • Before going there, you better search on internet some coupons for your tickets, it is always good to spare money.
  • When you will go inside you will have the opportunity to try a Korean bath house, you will see Korean women naked. Do not worry it’s normal.
  • Choose the day because in the weekdays it is less crowded but some bath are not available.
  • You do not need to wear a bathing cap, you can dress as you want. Don’t be surprised if you see Koreans dressed to go hiking 🙂
  • If you forgot something, there is a rental of clothes, swimsuits and towels. It will be additional cost.
  • You cannot bring food in your bag or water, if you do they will take it and give it to you only when you are leaving.
  • You don’t necessarily need to bring  your cream, hairspray or hairdryer because they have it for free.
  • Bring your sun cream because  sun might not be that strong but you easily get sunburned. On that one trust me 😉
  • Finally, It is a nice place to swim, enjoy your day and relax, with your friends, your family, or your lover.

So what are you waiting for? Go on a trip to Termeden and you won’t be disappointed!

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